Three Indicted In Murder Of Man Downtown

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(Memphis) Three people have been indicted in the murder of David Santucci who was shot August 12, 2013.

Santucci was walking along 275 South Main as Santucci was walking to his car after attending a party.

Two men confronted Santucci, demanded money and then shot him.

Dondre Johnson, 19, and Mario Patterson, 24, were indicted on charges of murder in the perpetration of an attempted robbery.

Jerrica Norfleet, 23, was indicted on charges of accessory after the fact, to wit, first-degree murder.

The charges against Johnson and Patterson carry a minimum sentence of life in prison.

They are being held without bond.

Charges against Norfleet carry one to six years. She is free on bond.


  • Congo Cruiser

    Man you people are dangerous. Do you take pride in the amount of destruction you cause to a community or the families you destroy? Do you even care at all?

    • Terrie

      Oh Russ….The convicts may have rights but NO they should not. And as for them working (volunteering even) to do so. No that’s just a dumb foolish remark. Had they worked before breaking the law they wouldn’t be in jail. The mentality

  • Elismom

    Wow…every post turns into a racial issue. I don’t care what race the suspects or the victim was…May God rest his soul and let the suspects be punished accordingly

  • smith

    They need to be put in the ground, Public excution on mud island, TV for people like this, just think, how it would bring back downtown Memphis AC

  • Typical

    Well as always. A white person is killed by a black person then it’s just news “robbery”. But if a black person is killed by a white person then automatically it is racial. Where is the protest and the President’s cry of outrage on this racial attack?! After all 3 black people attacked and killed a white man.

    They’ll be out in a year cause you know “they’s good kids. ain’t never done nuten wrong!”

    • Jay Mikesell

      Typical, that is exactly what I wanna know too. It seems it’s not a racist issue when a black person kills a white person but it is whenever it’s the other way around. My solution is stop being such hypocrites and using double standards and start treating everyone the same. No favors or race cards should be allowed to be played. Yes, racism is very strong in America today. But it goes both ways. Blacks and other races can be just as racist as a white person can be. Some are more racist because they hold grudges towards whites because of the past and don’t try to build a better future. As a white man, I have experienced a lot of black on white racism in my life. Especially since I date interracially.

  • snowbeastsareuglyandstink

    Terrie you are a lier if you say what you feel post your Real full name….coward let me start off my name is Robert Dewayne Lewis. I am a man not a coward like you snow beast

  • IwishUwould

    I see my earlier post got deleted…Oh my bad I forgot I mentioned that the white lady got charges dropped for murdering a 2year old. I’m willing to bet most white posters are from Sundown Towns of cowards.

  • Peter

    Robert Dwayne Lewis is going to be read about on here because he will in up shooting someone. That will be another monkey gone to his second home.

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