Does It Work: Rabbit TV

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(WREG-TV) Can a device as small as a quarter unlock thousands of free TV internet channels and convince you to cut the cable cord?

We put Rabbit TV to the Does It Work test.

Rabbit TV claims to provide access to more than 5,000 free TV internet channels, radio stations, and free movies.

The most appealing claim of all, though, is never pay another monthly cable bill again.

We met up with Margatia LeBlanc, a real estate agent, wife, and mother who recently pulled the plug on cable TV.

"We got rid of cable. The cable bill was just way too high!" she said. "When you have four to five TVs in a home, it's just ridiculous!"

She spotted Rabbit TV over the holidays and wondered, "Am I going to get a lot of kids channels? What am I going to see out of there and how quickly is it to come up?"

The $10 product is small - it plugs into your laptop's USB port.

It doesn't take long for the Rabbit TV set-up page to pop up, but signing up and exiting out of all the security software and advertisement pop-ups did. It also took forever for the shows to load.

"It's taking a lot of time for 10 bucks. I'm not so sure I like it."

It was faster (and free!) to log onto and watching "Amazing Race" than pay $10 to go through Rabbit TV, which just routed us back to anyway.

ESPN Radio popped up quickly, which was nice, but when we tried to load a kids game, Superman flew in slow-motion.

"It's just too time consuming. There is just no way my son would wait this long to play a game, let alone watch a movie."

"To be honest with you, to watch a movie, I'd rather do the Netflix. It's much quicker. This is taking too long and it doesn't work for me."

Sorry, Rabbit TV, you failed our Does It Work test.


  • J-U

    Why didn’t you post your streaming feed you used on the test so others can compare, WREG? Can you guys do anything right?

  • Britt

    It was high speed wifi. I Can watch movies on my phone, laptop, or tablet faster on netflix, YouTube, etc…. Do you have this product? If so please let me in on the server you use? Or on the tricks you have for this product? It’s easier to go to cbs, abc, or any of the stations to watch top tv shows then to be redirect to them anyway and then be free. I was in the room watching this being filmed it took way to long.

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