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Acts Of Kindness For Murdered Man Turns Into Movement

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(Memphis) Months after a nurse was gunned down in downtown Memphis, three people have been indicted in his death.

Dondre Johnson and Mario Patterson are both charged with murder, and Jerrica Norfleet is charged with being an accessory after the fact.

Since David Santucci's murder friends and family members, and even strangers, have been spreading acts of kindness in his honor and using his death to make the city a better place.

"When we started this we had no expectations of what it would become and seeing how many people have jumped on board has been incredible," said Justin Hurley.

Justin Hurley and Drew Fryman launched "Operation Tucci" just weeks after Santucci's death.

The pair wanted to do something to remember their friend and began doing acts of kindness, like picking up restaurant tabs and leaving big tips.

They also left behind a note letting the recipient know why they were doing it and asking them to pay it forward.

Their Facebook page is now filled with dozens of similar good deeds done by people all over Memphis, the country, and even around the globe.

"Just a couple of weeks after we started this someone did it over in Rome and sent us the Facebook message and we posted it to our page," said Fryman.

Fryman and Hurley are now trying to get non-profit status and have printed merchandise that says 'Be Kind Memphis'.

"I was born and raised in here and love this city and it gets a bad rap sometimes. So, we are just trying to change that a little bit, and if we spread a little cheer in the mean time that is great," said Fryman.

They are hoping to set up a scholarship fund in Santucci's name and give to other charities his family choses.

To like the the 'Operation Tucci' Facebook page, click here.

For link to their Twitter page, go here.


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