Pass It On: Love, Per Definition

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(WREG-TV) House fires can be devastating, and there's been an unusually high number of them this winter.

It's the reason this week's Pass It On playmaker wants to help a family of three with our $600 gift.

They lost everything in a fire earlier this month.

This week's Pass It On starts in Raleigh with playmaker Ashley Jackson.

"Who are we going to Pass It On to today?"

"Andre Woods and his family, Ms. Donna and Mr. Larry Woods."

This family has had an awful month.

A devastating fire caused by a faulty water heater destroyed the family's Whitehaven apartment.

They barely made it out, and almost everything was lost.

"The only thing that surprised me that wasn't burnt was the Bible. And they're a family that lives by the Bible," Ashley said.

The Woods are having to stay with different family members until they can find a new place, but without renter's insurance, it won't be easy.

That's why Ashley wants to Pass It On.

We met the Woods at the Dollar Tree where Larry Woods is a manager.

His wife and their son, who is legally blind, were also there, but didn't know why.

"I love you all with all my heart and y'all deserve this," Ashely told them. "You really do. I don't need to talk because the love is there."

The family is exhausted and shell-shocked, but they also know how lucky they are.

"We  don't have to be here. With the fire and the way we got out. It was God's grace."

The Woods don't know how they'll use the $600, but they know they will.

Ashley's just glad she could help them get started on the long road to rebuild.

"You give love where love is given. This is love, per definition."


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