Zumba Returns To Hernando

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(Hernando, MS) It’s the hottest segment in the fitness business these days - zumba classes have been popping up everywhere.

But when Hernando aldermen voted to cut zumba classes it got Frances Bowen worried, because she’s made fitness a big part of her daily routine.

”Well, very important. Since I moved down here, I’m doing more than I ever did.”

Hernando’s zumba classes were among the city’s most popular offerings.

”Very popular. We have a lot of people that wanted to be included in it. We have about 10 to 20 people coming to the classes from all parts of the city,” said Hernando Parks and Recreation director Dewayne Williams.

Why did aldermen vote down city-sponsored zumba in the first place? Because some aldermen had concerns about competing with local gym businesses.

That vote brought an outcry from people who argued they wouldn’t join a gym anyway, but if they did it would likely come only after they got a bite of the zumba bug from the city.

Citizens convinced enough Aldermen to change their mind, the board reversed it’s decision, which gets rave reviews from the mayor.

”We’re trying to help our people get healthier if they so wish. We have to give them programs that can do that,” explained Hernando Mayor Chip Johnson.

Hernando will start offering two different levels of zumba classes March 4th.

For ten bucks a month, they can take two regular zumba classes a week.

Two more will offer Zumba Gold, aimed at older residents like Frances Bowen.

”I’ll do the mild kind if I can. I told ‘em I would come and watch.”

She may watch, but city leaders bet she’ll start moving to the beat before the end of her first class.