Greg Davis Trial Delayed

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(Hernando, MS) It was supposed to be jury selection, but instead the prosecutor in former Mayor Greg Davis' embezzlement trial had an announcement.

Prosecutors wanted a delay after one of their most important witnesses told them she was ill and doctors said being around others can be risky.

"The state is requesting a continuance of this trial based on the availability of  a necessary witness. This witness we were advised Thursday afternoon is undergoing treatment for a very serious illness," said DeSoto County Assistant District Attorney Luke Williamson.

Davis is accused of,  among other things, submitting mileage statements and getting reimbursed thousands of dollars by the city while he was using a city vehicle.

The prosecution's witness will be used to show the authenticity of documents that will be presented at trial.

Davis' attorney said he also had questions for the witness and agreed she was needed for the case.

The judge granted a continuance.

Right now, the case is tentatively set to begin June 9, 2014.

It's another delay before Greg Davis finds out his fate.

"Of course any criminal defendant is anxious to have the matter concluded. He was disappointed, but he also recognized the importance of this witness," said Greg Davis' attorney, Steve Farese.

Davis is also seeking a change of venue in this case.

The judge has put that on hold right now, but could rule on it any time before the trial starts.

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  • That's Right

    I don’t understand how he can do what he has and even have the chance of not getting punished. People go to jail for far less. The people that want him too get reelected or be freed and who bailed him out should be punished theirselves. I can’t say how on here but just think of ways. I guess he did favors on them if you know what I mean. He is a waste of Air. He needs to go play on the freeway dodging big trucks. Glad it wasn’t my taxes. Southaven handle it yourselves. Event him out and handle it.

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