10 People Shot in 5 Separate Shootings

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(Memphis) The weekend is off to a violent start in Memphis. 10 people are recovering from 5 different shootings across the city that took place within hours. So far, everyone survived their injuries. Police don’t have any suspects.

Blaring bright blue lights took over the street on the 3500 block of Voltaire. That’s where police say someone shot out a car Friday night. Bullets hit two men in their twenties. Drive 15 minutes away to North Memphis, around the same time 3 people were shot in two other shootings. One happened on Vollentine, the other on Pearce. Police say the shootings aren’t related.

Pinkie Johnson lives in the neighborhood. She calls the violence ridiculous and says it doesn’t make any sense.

“You can’t take matters into your hands, that’s not the law,” said Johnson.

7 hours later, violence raged on in North Memphis. A fight broke out at Our Bar in the 1300 block of Jackson early Saturday morning. A man was shot in the elbow, hip and both legs.

“It’s perplexing to think what’s going on with people, what’s going in their mind. It’s terrible that enjoying yourself turns tragic,” said Bessie Bell.

Bell didn’t witness the shooting at the North Memphis nightclub. She was sleeping in her Raleigh home when she heard a different set of gunshots ring out.

According to detectives, people started flashing gang signs at a party in a Stage Road house. Minutes later, bullets started flying, striking 4 men. One of those victims had just enough strength to hobble over to Bell’s front door.

“He was trying to get some help. I saw him bending over like he was in a daze or something,” said Bell.

Before she could answer the door, the victim’s friends carried him away to the car.

Bell says she’ll wash off the blood on her doorstep and knob, but won’t ever forget what happened just outside her front door.

“It’s a quiet and peaceful area, you don’t think about something like this,” said Bell.

But with 5 shootings all over Memphis, this weekend violence shows bullets cross area codes.

Some of the victims have already been released from the hospital.

Anyone with information on any of the shootings is asked to call Crimestoppers at (901)528-CASH.


    • thehood

      These people doing the shooting really need to go to range and practice. It’s costing us taxpayers too much to pay the wounded 100% disability for the rest of their lives.

    • Phil

      …”Some of the victims have already been released from the hospital”…where not one had Insurance. The cost of the care was, of course, absorbed by the taxpayers, most of whom don’t realize it. Yep. Same people will be ready for next Friday night at the club.

    • Crime is Down?

      If you love your family, move them out of Memphis ASAP. Sell your home at a loss but move out now. Everyday, Memphis becomes a little more dangerous. I have a friend who works at the Med and he said that most shootings and stabbings that he sees, rarely make the news. In Whitehaven, Saturday night a 17 year old girl was shot in the heart and died at the hospital in Whitehaven. That same night in Whitehaven, 2 stabbing victims were brought to The Med. Do not take my word for it. Ask any hospital ER worker or a Memphis Cop for verification of the violent crimes that do not make the news.
      I moved from Hickory Hill and it was the smartest decision that I have made in many years.

  • Joe Censored

    Elise Preston, you look very foolish with the of this story!!!

    “That’s where police say someone shot out a car Friday night.” Not real sure how a car is “shot out”…

    ” this weekend violence shows bullets cross area codes.” Ah, I think you meant weekendS and ZIP codes.

    WREG Representing!!!

  • smith

    Memphis is like the wild west, But! what do you expect with our Police Director, and Mayor. People go armed learn to shoot and put some of these people in the ground. Police are not going to save you.

  • George Brewton

    I find it interesting that neither the media or the establishment have called this for what it is, GANG related. Memphis you need to pull your head out of the sand and realize you have this city had a serious gang problem.

    • Laz Jemison

      You won’t either.

      They spend their time spewing the “crime rate’s going down and the schools are getting better” lies.

      Truth is, Memphis is broke & shrinking. The net moving activity has been OUT and AWAY from Memphis for years. Sad part is there is nothing left for Memphis to annex.

      They have been able to hide the fact they are shrinking for years by annexing unwilling new residents. No mo of those lies.

      • 1midtownmike

        There is no leadership. Wharton & Armstrong lack the jewels to confront the truth all in the name of “don’t be a snitch.”

        Let’s be honest here. Black racism and black on black crime have destroyed Memphis.

  • It's what I know

    Magilla Gorilla, you are so funny but you tell the Truth. Brenda you are about dumb as a box of Rocks. Go climb back into the hole you crawled out of

    • Webster

      We can ride through Orange Mound, Hickory HIll, the foothomes, Frayser and Whitehaven….when we see a shooting …WE can make a citizens arrest. I have always wanted to be a REAL crime fighter.

  • Terrie

    If those folks living around it would grow some nads and start telling who did it, then they could take back their own hood! Trouble is everybody knows everybody and no body will send their brother to jail even after he kills his cousin. Gotta rearrange the thinking and stop the brainwashed thoughts!

  • Plowboy

    100% savages. I agree they need to spend more time at a range, say Orange Mound, cause these woundings are killing us taxpayers.

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