Mysterious Beast Killing Dogs In Cordova Neighborhood

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(Cordova, TN) A large beast is terrorizing a Cordova neighborhood.

The animal has killed large dogs and is leaving behind what neighbor describe as large, cat-like paw prints.

A company that tracks wild animals has been brought in to set up motion sensor cameras.

Neighbors hope that will at least tell them what is killing their pets, before the animal tries to make children its prey.

Debi Stanford lives in the Carrollwood Lakes neighborhood in Cordova and said everyone is talking about an elusive beast that is on the loose.

"I call it The Thing... The Creature, The Thing. We don't really know what it is."

Another resident, Darrell Freeberg, said he has been trying to guess what it may be.

"People have said it's some kind of bobcat...Maybe a coyote."

Whatever it is, the animal that has been preying on pets in the neighborhood, is big enough to kill large dogs, some of them over 100 lb.

"The dog had its throat completely cut out," Freeberg said of his neighbor's dog. "Just like some animal had grabbed it by the throat and ripped it apart."

So far, three dogs have been killed and another injured.

Adding to the mystery, the pets were all fenced in when they were attacked.

"Whatever it is, it had to climb a 6-foot fence," Freeberg said.

That has people worried not only about their pets, but also about the safety of children in the neighborhood.

Freeberg said, "There are a lot of kids in the neighborhood. I'm a little worried about it, until we find out what it is."

Until the beast is discovered and captured, neighbors like Stanford said they simply won't feel safe.

"It's elusive," she said. "It's nocturnal. It's fearless. It's obviously hungry!"

In the meantime, neighbors are putting their pets indoors at night and keeping them on tight leashes.


  • Glenda

    We live in Carrollwood Lakes and have seen a coyote on two separate occasions on Rockcreek Parkway not far from Germantown Parkway in the last couple of months; but not sure a coyote could climb a 6 ft fence or would take down a 100 lb. dog.

  • Craig Morgan

    I spotted What appeared to be a bobcat today (2/25/14)
    at 4:00 p.m. on 385 and Macon .I did get a picture although not a very good one.

  • Leah Beake

    I live n Oakland & one night last summer I was outside smoking & I heard this strange noise coming from the woods by West Jr High. I’ve heard that mountain lions make a noise that sounds like a woman screaming. That’s what this sounded like, a woman screaming. I was able to record the sound. It could of been any kind of wild animal, but what ever it was sounded very scary!

      • Helyn Williams

        I had made a statement about this when I saw on the news, Mysterious beast that was killing their dogs. This sounds like the same creature that was killing pets in my neighborhood. We reported it to the life association. They couldn’t catch this creature and reported that it was some coyoties.   The sounds we heard wasn’t Coyoties. So if you hear anything more about this story please post this message to tweeter,facebook ect.  People need to know this is not a four footed beast, They don’t want this story to get in the media. 

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