WREG Viewers React To Troubling Facebook Post

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(Memphis) Social media sites sometimes get a bad rap as a place for bullies to do damage, but this week Facebook may have helped save the life of a Memphis child.

WREG viewers jumped into action after they say saw a mother on Facebook in trouble.

"It hurt me to see that so I wanted to do something that could help her," said one viewer who didn't want to be identified.

In the Facebook post the mom said she was at her breaking point, needed some counseling and was thinking about killing her son or giving him up.

Several viewers who saw the post called and emailed us.

"I didn’t know if it was really or fake I just wanted to help," said the viewer.

We passed the information along to the Shelby County Sheriff's Office and Child Advocacy Center.

The Sheriff's Office also had comments on its Facebook page from people concerned enough about what the mother was going to do to get Memphis police involved.

"Memphis Police Department followed through and found the individual's address and went and got the individual. From what I understand she’s in emergency commitment and the baby is with other relatives," said Chip Washington with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's Office is glad people decided to get involved and that it ended well.

"My main concern was the child and I'm thankful to God someone was able to get her some help,' said a viewer.

If you see a child in trouble or are a parent needing some help, call the Memphis Crisis Center's Call4Kids Hotline at (901)274-7477.


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