Parents Give SCS Reasons, Ways To Save Their Kids Schools

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(Memphis) Shelby County school board members have some tough decision to make about closing some schools, and parents of students aren’t making it any easier.

Wednesday, students from Westhaven Elementary showed up at meeting with signs hoping to get the school board’s attention and let them know they will do whatever it takes to save their schools.

They plan to put on the same show before the County Commission if it comes down to getting money needed to build a new school.

Superintendent Dorsey Hopson isn’t making any promises, but is listening to their ideas.

“The plan the brought us made all the sense in the world. If you have three schools and they are all decaying. If we can figure out how to make one new school and bring them all together that makes all the sense in the world. But, ultimately, that’s the decision of the county commission,” said Hopson.

Families and neighbors around Alcy Elementary have been working just as hard to keep their school open.

School board members say there are more elementary schools in that area than needed.

“I guess we are going to have to fight,” said Swift.

Marsharee Swift says everyone in her family attended Alcy.

She understands why some schools might have to close, but isn’t ready to let Alcy go.

“It was just a home away from home for us,” said Swift.

Swift has gone to community meetings and others in the neighborhood have been going door to door with petitions.

She says just knowing the board is reconsidering some of the closures makes her want to do more.

“Because neighborhood schools they are just the backbone. We need them. Who hasn’t grown up in a neighborhood school,” said Swift.

Hopson say Alcy, Westhaven and Northside are among the schools that could stay open.

Final recommendations are expected to go to the full school board next week for a vote.

Right now, the district is looking at shutting down 13 schools.