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Some Shelby County Schools Slated For Closure Might Escape Chopping Block

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(Shelby County) Students from Westhaven Elementary took center stage with their signs, begging the board not to close their school.

They stole the spotlight not once, but twice.

The second time was when Superintendent Dorsey Hopson admitted closing their school wasn't a good idea.

Alcy Elementary and Northside High could also stay open.

The other schools, however, are still marked for closure.

Hopson admitted his unveiling of his final plan isn't final just yet - Westhaven could still close if the county and city won't pay for a new building, but he's trying."If we can figure out a way to make one new school and bring them all together it makes all the sense in the world."And that's good enough for the parents and student who fought to save their school, even if it meant going to whatever means necessary to be heard and seen.