Serial Rapist Attacking Women In Same Apartment Complex

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(Memphis) A manhunt is on for a serial rapist in Raleigh.

The rapist attacked three women all in same apartment complex, Abbington Apartments off  Raleigh-LaGrange Road.

Memphis police say officers are patrolling the area and making the apartment complex a high priority, patrolling at all hours of day and night, because this rapist is striking at all hours.

The man is breaking into women's apartments at the complex and attacking them when they get home.

“He was armed with a gun and it is unknown how he gained entry into their apartments,” said Alyssa Moore, a spokesperson for the Memphis Police Department.

“I have not heard about that. I am shocked and I am scared. They haven`t caught him yet?” asked Dionnie Smothers, who lives in the apartment complex.

Police haven't caught him but they hope they can before he has more victims or his crimes get even worse.

So far, police know the man has attacked at least three times: February 9, February 12, and just this Tuesday.

“We want to encourage anyone who may have information about this subject or who may be a victim to please come forward with information,” said Moore.

Memphis police say no clue or tip is too small. They're encouraging anyone who see's someone or something unusual in the Raleigh neighborhood to report it.

They also want women to be aware of their surrounding when they go to and from their cars.

“We just kinda extra locked up the house a little more, you don`t know what to do,” said Leroyoa Snell, a Abington Apartments resident.

“Make sure your doors are locked and your windows are secure,” said Moore.

“I try not to come out by myself and to make sure he is always around,” said Snell said about her boyfriend.

“It makes you glad you live with a boyfriend, doesn't it?” asked reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Yes it does. It's a sense of security,” said Smothers.

While police patrol the Abbington apartments, the apartment complex is trying to do its part.

“I do like they put up the extra cameras because of this happening but it probably should have been done before now,” said Snell.

If you have information on these rapes, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.


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