Marijuana Vacation Packages, Does Your Music Choice Define Your Politics, Worshiping Naked And Great Marriage Or Great Sex?

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Here today are Bev Johnson from WDIA AM 1070, Myron Mays with Soul Classics 103.5 and Radio Personality George Klein.

Colorado recently legalized "recreational" marijuana, now vacation packages are being offered to lure pot tourists to the state.

Should more states be considering this, just for the revenue it could bring in?

Are we missing out on some big bucks here?

If you listen to country music are you a Republican?

And if you love reggae music, does that mean you're a Democrat?

Internet radio company Pandora is launching a new advertising service based on a user's perceived political leanings.

Pandora believes there's a strong correlation between your politics, and your music choice.

What do you think?

It's a growing trend; four out of ten women are now the breadwinners in their families.

But, a new study by working mother media shows only 29% of mothers want that role.

Do you think women and men still have a problem with a reversal in tradition male/female roles?

In Richmond, Virginia, a church congregation is making news for worshipping the same way were all brought into this world, naked.

They say finding peace begins with learning to accept yourself.

And lastly a new study says you can have a great marriage, or great sex, but not both.

What do you think?