Pass It On: A Special Bond

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(WREG-TV) When coincidences happen, is it really just by chance or do they happen for reason?

This week's playmaker, one of the most excited we've had in a while, would suggest the latter.

We're passing it on in Millington, where an Army wife wants to help out a former Marine.

Susie Pascoe's friends are Rhonda Scoggins and her husband, Frank.

"We met all the way back in Georgia and then through different circumstances both ended up living here five minutes from each other," Susie said. "It's just real funny."

But times got tough more than a year ago when Frank, who was a Marine in the late '70s,  got liver cancer.

Susie says she emailed us after Rhonda shared with her the couple was broke.

To Pass It On, we sneaked through the garage and knocked on the door on a day when an ice storm knocked out power to the family's home in Drummonds.

Susie shared the $600 with both her friends, plus an extra 60 bucks from her, which was a welcome surprise.

There were hugs all around as Frank shared that doctors gave him some good news - his cancer is stable right now.

Susie's just glad she could help.