Man indicted in double murder

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(Memphis) Eddie Harris,30, has been indicted on first degree murder charges for the shooting deaths of Aaron Moore and Robert Dale.

Police say the men were shot around 12:30 a.m. on February 11th at the Beacon Manor Apartments on St. Elmo between Mountain Terrace and Range Line.

Moore was pronounced dead at the scene. Dale died the next day at the MED.

Investigators say Harris took drugs and money from the two men.

Harris is being held without bail at the Shelby County Jail.


  • Bytemeagain

    Here “we” go again. Where is the outrage? I know that a lot of people, including myself have a bittersweet feeling about the Jordan Davis murder trial verdict, but come on people! There are murders of black men in this city practically every day, all of which usually are just a blurb on the evening news. This one too shall disappear by tomorrow, and he’ll be just another black man that killed 2 other black men, so who cares.
    I fail to see why we as community can get angered by the death of a black man a thousand miles away from home, yet shrug our shoulders to the many dead bodies of black men in this city daily? Is it because Jordan’s killer is a white man? What difference does it make? A life, is a life, is a life, and a death, is a death, is a death regardless of the hands responsible for it.
    If we held such things on equal footing, then there would be a march and protests in the streets daily.
    Shame on us for placing more importance on one life over another. Before we circle the wagons and have a rallying cry for injustice thousands of miles away, can we not show the same concern for the dead bodies on our own doorstep?

  • Nicole

    I get disgusted whenever I hear of a black male getting killed by a white
    person but, my heart breaks when its black on black crime because we
    have been thru too much to just be killing each other off and its usually over
    something stupid….. The reason why we don’t hear about that in the media
    I feel is because they (whites) just sitting back laughing at us and saying let them just kill one another then we will be extinct like they would like us to be or that’s one less n***** they have to worry about killing……. We have,we are and we will always get treated differently……. Media makes it seem like
    our black lives are not worth mentioning unless we are killed by a white
    person but, we should speak out about all the killings against our beautiful
    race be it by our own or another……. When will we stop the violence against
    our own?

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