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First Degree Murder Charges For Mother Of Missing Baby

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

(Memphis) Andrea Walker has been charged with two First Degree Murder charges in the death of her 7-week-old daughter.

Walker's attorney, Leslie Ballin, brought her to 201 Poplar where she turned herself in to police today .

Andrea Walker's 7-week-old  daughter Aniston has been missing since early January.

Police now confirm the body of a baby found Sunday in Millington on Singleton Parkway lying face down in a ditch is that of Aniston Walker.

In a news release, Memphis police said the body and clothing on the baby found matched Aniston Walker.

"It is heartbreaking to confirm that an innocent child’s life has been taken, but now family members of Aniston Walker can have closure and begin the healing process of losing a loved one,” said Director Toney Armstrong.

Millington investigators say the baby appeared to be on the side of the road for some time and had on a onesie, the same type of clothing Aniston was last seen in.

Walker told police she left her daughter Aniston home with her 3-year-old while she took an older child to school.

Walker said when she returned, Aniston was gone.

A police search for the baby turned up empty.

Originally, Walker faced four charges but those were reduced to two charges of child abuse.

Walker is charged with First Degree Murder in the Perpetration of a Felony to wit Aggravated Child Neglect or Endangerment and First Degree Murder in the Perpetration of a Felony to wit Aggravated Child Abuse.


  • tina

    These bleeding hearts for this woman make me sick. No matter what she did from leaving 2 babies at home or killing her baby she is responsible for that childs death! Who had respect or concern for Baby A? Any one who says mental illness is sick thenselves.She was well enough to get released on bail. I pray God has a special place in hell for her and others who hurt a child

    • born-n-raised

      Tina, unless you are a close family member in this very tragic case you
      do not have any idea of the facts. Call us bleeding hearts and that we
      make you sick, that’s ok. Yes it was a horrific,unthinkable act, but who are we to convict her before hearing all the facts. If you have never
      dealt up close and personal with depression,post partum or bi-polar or
      a number of other serious mental illnesses, you don’t have a clue.
      I honestly do not believe this woman woke up, grabbed her 7 week
      old live baby,drove to Millington and threw her out the window. Is
      being mentally ill an excuse to do such a horrible thing? absolutely
      not, most know right from wrong. But until all facts are in,don’t be
      so quick to hang her.

  • ihateallthingssnowbeast

    All this for this case she hasn’t been convicted of anything and if so she will be duly punished. In you so called “concerned” citizens rush to get a noose the question arises Did you donate a dime or time to any group that helps prevent such things? Or are YOU just some loud mouth with fake outrage? I bet if you saw a hungry child you hypocritical fools would cross the street.

  • kitkatceo

    The baby’s death is tragic and it’s very possible this woman is suffering from some sort of mental illness. The baby was 7 weeks old when it was reported missing and it’s been suggested her mother may have PMDA. It is a real medical condition that can trigger suicidial and /or psychotic behaviour. A co-worker of mine lost her sister in December to it without warning, Her sister took her own life instead before she could harm her children and left behind a 3 month old & a 7year old. Her family is now trying to help raise awareness & funds to help 2 organizations that offer support & resources & do research on the disorder & to prevent suicide. Everyone wants to be angry, but anger doesn’t do anything. Action does. Considering helping someone in need. For more info visit:


  • Olivia

    I had postpartum depression, very severe case and I never once imagined or thought about hurting my child. Contrary to popular belief not .everyone who gives birth to a child is a mother. If my son ever just disappeared it would not be his father who is calling the police it would be me and I would be searching everywhere myself with no rest until I found him. The heart of a true mother never gives up hope. This is a heinous, despicable, .disrespectful to your own child, way of disposing of her. If she didn’t want her she should have gave her up for adoption. If she had died of sudden infant death syndrome she would have contacted the authorities like any parent would including a mother with postpartum depression, in a panic at that. And how could you possibly even live with yourself doing day-to-day activities knowing that your child is lying face down in the ditch, dead?!?! In the video above, to me, it seems as though she’s ashamed of herself, and she should be.

  • Sweetiepie

    It’s so sad that people lack sensitivity to other people’s situations. The facts are the facts; the truth is just the truth. No need to add or take away from it. It will stand on his own. The facts as we know through the media is this mother killed her child. Mothers are NOT supposed to kill their children. However, there can be many circumstances around a situation where a mother does this type thing. None of us know why. There is probably a lot more to this story than anyone not close to her or her family could even fanthom. Right now, calling her names and using racial slurs is just an unproductive act and waste of time. Mental illness is very real. People professionally mask their pain and issues daily to be accepted and to survive. It takes an astute individual to recognize the not so obvious signs of mental illness. Everyone doesn’t lash out and act crazy. Sometimes, the signs are so sublte they are not recognizable. We all need to spend more time connecting and reconnecting with family and friends. The stress of life can sometimes weigh people down. Depression sets in and if it’s not dealt with, it causes the individual to feel hopeless and they continue to decline.Just because you’ve been depressed before or experienced something similiar to someone else, it doesn’t make you an expert on it. This was YOUR experience; this doesn’t mean you weren’t capable of doing what another has done, you soght help in time or someone got you help in time. This is not the case for every individual. Rather than judge, we should be praying for this young woman and her entire family. Two children are now MOTHERLESS. A mother has lost her daughter; a sister/brother has lost a sibling. Show some compassion please. No matter what comes out; this woman didn’t wake up and decide to just throw her baby in a ditch. Something triggered this behavior and whatever is was, she needs help getting through this.

    • born-n-raised

      Thank you Sweetiepie (whoever you are), if only we could all have
      half the compassion you do. Compassion doesn’t mean we condone
      what happen, it just means that until we’ve walked in that mothers
      shoes and ALL the facts are in, don’t be so quick to hang her.

  • Dianne New

    So very sad! I cringe at the thought of such a horrific crime. Also this makes me sick because I drove pass Jones Orchard six times just days before her little body was found. Very disturbing!

  • Anna Coriddi Meza

    There’s a world of difference between post-partum depression and post-partum psychosis. The more that people sit back and condemn others for something they don’t understand, the more we will continue to read about tragic cases like Aniston.

    I can think of someone else who showed little regard for mental illness. During his presidency, Ronald Reagan cut funding to mental hospitals, forcing many patients to be discharged onto the streets. Ironically, the same former president became inflicted with, and ultimately died from, Alzheimer’s disease. I’m not trying to mock Reagan, but I recognize karma when I see it.

    If Andrea Walker killed her infant daughter, she will answer for her actions before a judge or a jury of her peers. If mental illness played a part in this heinous crime, then these mitigating circumstances should be considered during the sentencing process.

    I am in no way trying to excuse the killing of a vulnerable infant. But, consider this information before quickly condemning Andrea Walker: Historically, women commit homicide far less often than men, and yet, women serve sentences up to four times longer for the same crime. Where is the outrage for that injustice in sentencing? Some people claim that if Andrea Walker is suffering from severe depression, then she shouldn’t “lawyer up,” when the exact opposite is true. The fact that she is a woman means the judicial system is already set up to show her less leniency. And, let’s not get started on the fact that she is also a woman of color. I’m trying hard not to pull the race card, but in reality, there are many degrees of discrimination in our judicial system, beginning with gender and ending with race.

  • Chris Williams

    Wow it’s depressing seeing all these so called women/mothers stick up for this worthless piece of s*** that killed her own baby. Post-partum depression??? Really who gives a rat’s a**. Where are all these “women” when that dude killed his girlfriend’s baby last year and put him in the dumpster?? He should get the death penalty and so should she.

  • born-n-raised

    Terrie, 1. Your user name is posted on here enough,shut up.
    2. I am not “young or dumb” I’m 54, 3 kids,2 grandkids and far from dumb.3. I use the term ‘haters” only because I was addressing a comment made by user name- equalopportunityhater, NOT YOU!
    I in no way condone what this mother has been accused of, but if
    you think that mental illness can’t play a role in a tradgedy as this,
    and you support back street coat hanger abortions, you need to
    leave your cave once in awhile……..

  • DAN


  • Ms Indianapolis317

    Memphis got some sick people.. I on the web site @ memphis news its just ridiculous first y’all make nation wide T.V show FIRST 48, NOW KILLING BABIES COME ON SOUTH,

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