Man Suspected To Be Serial Rapist In South Memphis

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(Memphis) People in South Memphis say a man is stalking and trying to grab female students as they walk to and from school.

This weekend, Kotay Floyd was arrested for a brutal rape in the same neighborhood, and some are wondering if he's the stalker.

It's right under the train tracks that pass over Mississippi Blvd where Delvin Lane says teens walking to Booker T Washington High School have been grabbed.

“I don’t know if you can see behind me, but they have to walk through this underpass,” said Lane.

Lane, a community activist with the 901 Block Squad, says the underpass is pitch black at 6 a.m. when the man attacks.

“I know of at least five reports of girls walking to school in the morning time when some guy exposes himself and tries to grab them,” said Lane.

It's a half a mile away from where the 16-year-old was brutally raped by a man who held her down with a knife.

Floyd was arrested just hours after it happened.

“I’m thinking he might be our guy,” said Lane. “What I want is to get some of the girls and see if they can try to identify this guy as the one who’s been stalking them in the morning.”

And just last week, a middle school girl was allegedly raped near train tracks off Vance.

Lane hopes the person behind all of the crimes is already in jail, but if not, he wants parents and students to be aware.

“What I try to tell the kids is to walk in groups, try to get parents to drop them off,” said Lane. “The community guys in this 38126 Coalition, we are even going to start walking in the morning to help the kids get to school.”

While Floyd is charged right now with one rape, police say they are investigating him for other crimes in the area.


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