Is Baby Body That of Aniston Walker?

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UPDATE 7/17/14- Andrea Walker has been arrested but no charges have been filed yet.

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(Millington, TN) The Shelby County Medical Examiner is looking into when and how a baby died that ended up on the side of a Millington road.

A motorcycle rider discovered the baby around noon Sunday on Singleton Parkway lying face down in a ditch.

Everyone is now waiting to hear if this is 7-week-old Aniston Walker who disappeared a little more than five weeks ago.

Police tell us that the medical examiner will not be releasing any information Sunday night.

Millington investigators say the baby appeared to be on the side of the road for some time and had on a onesie, the same type of clothing Aniston was last seen in.

At the scene of the discovery, police covered the body with a tarp and left it untouched until the medical examiner arrived.

The little baby lying face down in a ditch on the side of Singleton Parkway was spotted by someone by chance.

“He was riding a motorcycle and waiting on friends,” said Millington Police Chief Rita Stanback. “He just happened to pull over to the side of the road and it just happened to be at the spot where he pulled over.”

Even while people worked the field of Jones Orchard in Millington, no one noticed this little person left lifeless.

“It looks like the body had been there for some time,” said Stanback.

‘It’s the worst I’ve seen in years,” said Inspector Charles Coleman with the Millington Police Department.

The Millington chief of policed called-in Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong because it's the city of Memphis that is missing one of its own.

Seven-week-old Aniston Walker disappeared January 9th.

Her mother Andrea was locked-up briefly under suspicions she may have been played a role in the disappearance.  She's out on bond.

A few hours after the baby was found Sunday, detectives showed-up at Walker's home.

Someone let them in, but Walker never emerged.

“Everything is pending right now until we find out if it is the baby you guys are thinking about,” said Coleman. “We don't know that so I guess everything is still kind of up in the air.”

What's not up in the air is that police are calling this a homicide.

“The baby didn't walk there itself,” said Coleman.

It's a baby, stumbled upon by a motorcycle rider, but carried in the minds of all those who followed at the scene.

“Of course this is a trying scene for everybody,” said Stanback. “I'm a grandmother myself and this is something that is very difficult to deal with.”

Police at this point know the sex of the baby but aren't releasing that information yet.

WREG is waiting for the ME to tell us when and how this baby died.

And of course, many are waiting on word if this is in fact baby Aniston.


    • heather p

      For whatever sick twisted reason you don’t love your baby I will never understand but know that there is someone that will love that baby no matter what race or faults you think that innocent child may have. You are a sick horrible person

      • HatesElvis

        Utah has a population of 2, 507, 000 more than twice that of Memphis at around 1 million. In 2013 Utah had 53 murders. Memphis had 149 murders.
        90 percent were black on black crime.

        Almost three times as many murders as Utah. What gives? Utah has a high percentage of whites in their population.

        (Detroit, 98 percent black, had 356 murders in 2013, does anyone see a pattern here?)

    • HatesElvis

      Stop the drama….the black woman killed her black baby. Black on Black crime is out of control in Little Detroit and has been for 20 years or more. The solution: Don’t get mad. Don’t complain. Don’t yell. Move your family out of this dangerous city, before you or your loved ones are the next victims. That’s what I did, 20 years ago. .

  • momabird3

    What is wrong with people??!!! Babies are precious gifts that we should love and protect. If you don’t want the baby there are plenty of families that do.

    • diva

      I rather they drain blood out of them with an instrument..or how ever they do abortions before a fetus is formed than for a mother 2 killed a visible baby.just saying…

  • Bytemeagain

    I hope it isn’t, but I suspect that it’s baby Aniston as well. The monster mother, whomever it is, should be hung upside down by her toenails and horse whipped.

  • Jamae Ellison

    Well all those that say only crime happens in Memphis ,that is blown out the window.Crime happens everywhere Hello Millington,Germantown and Bartlett.Lets not forget Desoto County.

    • MRH

      If this is baby Aniston, the crime was committed in Memphis. But so what? Does it really matter? A baby is dead. Can’t you quit grinding your political axe and have a tiny bit of respect for the child?

    • Don

      Jamae Ellison,
      You are correct, there was a crime in Millington. It appears there was a body of a baby dumped in a road side ditch and left to rot. My guess is the plan to do this crime originally started in
      Memphis. there are no suspect so the Millington police contacted MPD because it appeared be the missing body that they had been looking for.
      So yes there was a crime in Millington, and I would not want to do the incident report.
      Good work Millington PD.

    • HatesElvis

      True, but Frayser, Whitehaven, and Hickory Hill have murders EVERY month.

      Germantown and Collierville have not had a murder in 10 years.

      Don’t take my word for it. Research it for yourself. Memphis is a VERY

      dangerous place to live. Collierville, Germantown, and Southaven are MUCH safer.

  • kay

    One bullet to the head to the POS that did this, nothing but a waste of air and space, how could anyone do this to an innocent baby?

  • Sellica

    Is it the missing baby that’s what I want to know why isn’t the mother in jail??? REALLY THIS IS CRAZY!!! THE NEWS SAID SHE AT HOME WHY COULD BE HER BABY IS DEAD REALLY CRAZY!!WOW

  • Brenda Bernstein

    A Memphis Blogger said there was no baby and that it is all a hoax. If there is a baby he will surely lose any credibility that’s left if any. Memphis has the highest bad rate of everything. STD’s and baby deaths.

  • mark

    remember this is a child not a racial issue ! we are in Memphis and someone is bound to make it a racial issue … a precious little child

  • pam

    I hope not, but if it is she can now have a burial, and maybe some justice to. If not they’ll have the same and catch whoever left him or her there. May they R.I.P.

  • Tata

    It is really sad when someone can even think of race when there is an innocent little angel thrown out like trash !!How would you feel if it was your baby or a relative’s????? Remember before you were taught to hate you were pure hearted little angels too.!!!!Think about it.May thus little one rest in peace..Just sad& may God’s power take over leave,the devil out of it !!!

  • Don

    I have a gut feeling that when the police went to the mothers home after she had dumped the baby, or had someone to do it for her and she is now on the lamb.

  • Sam

    It is frightening to imagine the cause of death… Who put this baby there? Was he or she alive when left there? Did the mother actually do this? Could she be innocent? If she really didn’t do it, how must she feel? If she did do it, did she abandon a living baby or did she abandon a lifeless body? Did someone else take the baby and dump it living or dead after the media got involved? There was just a similar case where a baby came up missing from a home full of family. They found the 5 day old baby in a duffle bag still alive in front of a gas station. The family member who took the baby got scared and abandoned it. Is this a possibility ? My biggest concern is how this little baby died and if he or she suffered :( this world is very terrible and I hope there is clear evidence to convict the guilty party in this case.

  • Terrie

    Everybody needs closure. Keep in mind a crime was committed. I want the mother to be thoroughly investigated. Look into her rap sheet. If she’s innocent, that’ll come out. Look into the daddy. Whoever did this the MPD WILL find them. And if Memphis do not start making the crime fit the crime then this is just another death of a baby.

  • Aline

    I’m constantly hearing the momma this ,the momma that what about the daddy. Cause somebody took that baby from the house and got stupid, why weren’t there an amber alert , Remember innocent until proven guilty may the Angel soul rest in GOD arm.

  • Terri

    Please let’s all remain respectful with your comments with ethic race or religion. These are the signs of the times that we live in, and must find within each of us the correct path that we shall take. We all plead that the Justice System does not fail us when coming to the decision of this young lost woman’s faith. But within all this madness only the highest power has the final Say So. No matter where you leave!
    “In Loving memories of such a short life lived Aniston Walker “

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