Woman Arrested For Murder Of Mid-South Cab Driver

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(Memphis) The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department arrested a Shelby County woman for Murder and Robbery.

TBI Agents and Members of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department arrested 19-year-old Tanuja Rivers for the murder of Zewdneh Assemu.

Assemu was found beaten and stabbed to death in Fayette County in December 2013 after being reported missing by his wife. The cab Assemu was driving was located near the scene along with some of his personal belongings.

Rivers has been charged with Felony First Degree Murder and Especially Aggravated Robbery and is being held on $1 Million dollars bond.


    • Tanija

      If you don’t know her and you don’t know if she did it so all you jumping to conclusion thots on here need to shut up have you ever heard of covering up for somebody to protect somebody its not all in the race!!!
      I should know im very close to her.

    • Angel

      Excuse Me ! Tanuja Has Not Even Been Proven Guilty , And Its Really None Of Your Business. While You’re Making Your Comments, Make Sure You’re Able To Put You’re Repulsive Feet In Her Family Shoes. Maybe She Covering For A Family Or The Story Was Twisted; You Don’t Really Know. Like The Bible Say : Who Without Sin, Cast The First Stone..
      Thank You And Good Day. Be Blessed.

    • Angel

      Ghettto ? Trash ? Those Words Are Strong. First , Ghetto Is Place Not An Adjective; Therefore That’s Irrelevant. Secondly, Trash is unnecessary.. Why ? Because You Only Know What The News Informed You. Do You Know What Provoked Her… No, Yu Know Absolutely Nothing But What Your Scandal Ears Were Able To Hear. Good Day Sir.

  • Russ Brown

    Geez, every day I see something like this has happened in Memphis. With all the “free”stuff and programs in this city it seems like I see a still see a story similar to this every time I get online or watch the news for this area. It just seems like such a waste for both the victims and the offenders, and for what? $50? Seems like such a waste.

  • Brenda Bernstein

    All black people do is talk. No action. Go call Sharpton or Jessie Jackson. Opps, they already sold you out. Who you gonna call? Just talk talk and march. Never any real action.

  • Thedasout

    A 19 year old female admitte killin more than 22 people. For real! Now wonder what was she thinking? It wasn’t robbery more like pleasur! Dunn got company.

  • jerry

    Craigslist. White girl said she stopped counting after 22 murders. Shame on u racist for blaming a whole race/city on what the bad apples do.

  • polo solo6

    That knockout game got em on edge but I think someone else gotta knock you out Joe. Jack Daniel and Tennessee Whisky don’t count. And your meth mouth herion smoking should make you appreciate gold teeth. And the 8 kids with different dads should give you renewed respect for the mom bc her kids not her dads or another family member. Joe please go on and get a divorce bc you can’t spend the insurance money lock up. IJS

  • polo solo6

    Brenda we’ll going to call Ghost Busters and you know for you. Oh my bad you’re not a ghost that your skin color Pale Gal! Sorry Brenda miss took you for Casper the not so friendly ghost.

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