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Third Weapon Found At Fairley High School This Week

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(Memphis) For the third time in a week, a weapon was found at Fairley High School.

The school district and principal are asking parents to help them stay vigilant.

Since Monday, three Fairley High students have left school in handcuffs after being arrested for bringing a weapon on campus.

This time, school security officers saw a 17-year-old stuff something in his pocket before going through a metal detector.

They searched him and found a fully-charged black Taser.

On Thursday, a .40-caliber handgun, ammo, and a bag of marijuana were found in a locker.

Eighteen-year-old Curtis Walton was arrested and admitted the items were his.

On Tuesday, it was a 16-year-old who left school in the back of a squad car after bringing an unloaded .22 to school in his backpack.

Shelby County Schools say they know parents are concerned, but what they should know is in each of those cases this week, the system put in place worked - either they got a tip from another student or the metal detector spotted it.

In a letter to parents, the principal asked for help from home, too.

She says the school is trained to catch these weapons but they want parents to talk to students about the consequences of bringing weapons to school.

The district says metal detector checks are no longer random in its middle and high schools - they are routine.

A Kirby High School student was also charged Thursday with carrying a weapon on campus after he was caught with a knife.


  • Skeptic

    If the police get too many calls to a club doesn’t the city shut down that club? I guess Fairly need to be shut down.

  • Dorothy Arquitt

    Come on people. A stun gun is not a deadly weapon, it helps you to ge away from people.
    Way in the world would someone call it that?

  • Eddie Woods

    Okay here is the deal on the schools in this city. The thirteen school that’s to be closed is going to be closed because the deal is to do away with public education as we know it you forget that the city of Memphis did not want to pay for schools and the other cities said okay we will get our own and take some of the money the city gets and operate our own school districts, And the state is helping this process with the charters and ASD process. So you see we are getting what we asked for

  • Don

    It seems that the students parents are responsible for what their students do. Why are the parents arrested when their children bring weapons on to the school campus. This means even if their children are living at home and over the age of seventeen.
    These parents need to check the students clothes and backpacks and be responsible for what the take to school

  • the wise 1

    Maybe the kids decided to take their personal protection in their own hands instead of leaving it up to the no guns stickers on the doors into the school. History has taught us that no gun stickers will not keep a BAD GUY from doing bad things.

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