Multiple Women Say They Were Victims Of Horrific Sex Crimes At Rust College

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(Memphis) New allegations against a Mid-South College professor already facing charges for raping a student.

Now, more women have come forward saying it happened too.

Eight women claim they were attacked by Slyvester Oliver and the former director of enrollment at Rust College.

Attorneys at the Cochran Law Firm in downtown Memphis said these complaints are so graphic and tragic that Rust College tried to seal them.

The reports date back over two decades.

"Absolutely shocking! It's hard to imagine students could be victimized as they have been," said Sam Cherry, partner of Cochran Law Firm.

Cherry is one of the attorneys representing nine women who say they were victims of horrific sex crimes at Rust College.

Cherry said most of the women, both students and faculty, were attacked by Oliver.

Oliver is awaiting trial on criminal rape charges for one of the incidents.

"It was not limited to Sylvester Oliver. It was beyond that, and it was systemic," said Cherry.

Cherry said former director of enrollment services, Johnny McDonald, also sexually assaulted two women on his staff.

McDonald is not facing any criminal charges.

"All of these women reported the behavior. They reported the assaults, and nothing was done in every last one of them," said Cherry.

Friday in a news conference, Cherry announced he is filing nine lawsuits in the U.S. District Court in Oxford asking for compensation and policy changes at the college.

Cherry added Rust College President David Beckley to every lawsuit.

"He was aware of a lot of the sexual misconduct that occurred and did nothing," said Cherry.

WREG put in a call to Rust College for a statement, but have yet to hear back.


    • HatesElvis

      This happened at the all black school, Rust College. It’s been a sad joke for 25 years now. 99 percent of their students are on some kind of govt grant to go there. (Pell Grant, etc.)

  • Don

    New allegations against a Mid-South College professor already facing charges for rapping a student.

    When I first read this I had a mental picture of a student being tied up in a chair and someone playing loud RAP music for punishment.

    How ever, after changing my shirt and pants after blowing hot coffee on them, I read a little further and found it was something quite different. Then I wasn’t surprised after I found where it happend and who the culprit was. This is Typical. I sure Rust college has a basement

    Just more Ghetto Lotto.

  • Joanna Williams

    they say it’s been happening for two decades and their just coming forth with this information. The first time someone attacked me and I was able to walk away from it, I would go straight to the police.

  • Charle B Twots is theOne to Call

    Show me the money….that POS touched me too.

    The lawyer, ” Now remember ladies, I get 20 percent of the settlement and I am behind you 100 percent….I don’t get paid until YOU get paid.
    Now, let’s go over your stories one more time.”

  • Charle B Twots is theOne to Call

    ” I cait sleep, I cait eat, I have nighmares, I have headaches, sobbing”

    The Lawyer, “Excellent, now one more time…but with more emotion.”

  • femaleforjustice

    if you don’t know the situation, don’t be too quick to judge. 1. reported when it happened, officials ignore. 2. females are usually faulted for what males do. society teaches to pretend it didn’t happen (movie “Burning Bed”). 3. Exactly, color nor race has no part in this – Penn State – oops, he preyed on boys – careful where 1 finger points, 3 others still face their owner

  • X

    Don Holt I guess cause you are employed by the University of Arkansas and went to high school in Collierville it gives you the right to talk about this matter! Remember these type allegations happened at your place of employment as well with Coach Peterno …..we know who you are you POS!!! Lol…..Watch what you say sometimes….you are not safe!

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