Lost 7-Year-Old Cuddled With Dog To Stay Warm

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(Memphis) A little boy missing for more than 14 hours after getting lost while walking his dog tells how he survived the cold, damp night with his dog.

His family, along with police and neighbors, searched all night Wednesday until they finally found 7-year-old Dominic Jeffries stuck in some bushes around the corner from his home.

"That's just the worst, 14 and a half hours of my life, I wouldn't want anyone to experience anything like that," said Robbyne Manning of Cordova.

Manning, a former contestant on the reality show America's Next Top Model, is now the legal guardian to 7-year-old Dominic and his 6-year-old sister, Chasity.

After Dominic got lost Wednesday, she said she's not letting them out of her sight.

"I heard them calling my name. I was scared to come out," said Dominic.

Dominic says when he saw blue lights from police, he thought that meant he was in trouble.

He and his playful dog Coco, took us back to where they were for all those hours in the cold.

"I was somewhere down here, but they couldn't see me," Dominic said, pointing to the area where he was.

He says Coco pulled him and he slipped behind a brushy wood retainer wall and couldn't climb out.

He said he kept warm by cuddling up with the dog, but he noticed Coco was still cold.

Dominic says that's when he took off his coat and put it on the dog, then took off his gloves and put them on his feet.

Dominic says he eventually let the dog off the leash, hoping he'd go get help.

Meanwhile, Dominic fell asleep and stayed there until officers spotted a big furry hat he had on.

"I don't know where this kid gets his survival skills from but it's just amazing," said Manning.

Dominic learned a number of lessons that cold night.

One of them is that flashing police lights don't always mean you're in trouble.

Police even gave him his very own souvenir badge.

"They gave him the car number and everything. So, he said now when people need help, I got to go help them because I got my badge on," Manning said with a laugh.


  • aimlessdaze

    How Absolutely SAD that a boy that young would be afraid that the police would be after him…… :( I’m glad he is okay and was found. He’s a super cute kid!

  • Carla Howe

    It is truly sad that some children grow up believing that police are the bad guys. We need to go back to teaching our children that Law Enforcement is their to help and keep us safe. I think we, as adults, do a disservice to LEOs and our children when we teach them to fear rather than respect.

  • Clara

    I agree with Carla………we do not support our law enforcement ; however, when something happens………they are the first ones that we call. Job well done!

  • Tony jones

    Why was a 7yr old out walking the dog by himself. And now the guardian says “I’m not letting them out of my site”. Thank God he was found unharmed

    • Amie

      I was curious about the same thing! In my opinion, it was already to late in the evening for a 7 year old to be out walking his dog all alone.

  • sueq

    I am a local LEO and I cannot tell you how many times I have walked by a child and smiled and their parent said “I’m gonna have that officer take you cuz you been bad”. It makes me SO angry when parents do that! I always tell the children, “No honey I won’t take you away for being bad I will help you when you need me.” Parents please stop teaching your kids we are here to take them away–I have had a 5 year old run from me and he told me its because that is what his daddy told him to do! SAD.

  • Aha!

    In the black community, children are told they are bad from day one. I have never called any of my children bad. Even when they misbehaved, they were not bad.

  • kay

    sueq and aha , you guys are right, I have noticed that and it is very sad.
    I notice the parents in stores telling the kids that, they are bad,etc and they are calling them MF’s, etc. inside the STORE, my gosh, they are small, no telling what they are calling them at home.

  • Joe Censored

    Kid was taught to fear the cops… Outstanding upbringing… Really!!!

    Glad the little guy is ok but get him away from anyone who would install that thought process into him.

  • Joe

    Shame on you Deb Della! The child is a product of learning experience. He is educated…to believe blue lights are to feared.
    Thanks Seuq for pointing out the obvious.
    Is there a legal age a child can be left alone? Charge his guardian, she does not deserve the children!
    I would never leave my child like that, she should hide her head not giggle about his survival non-exisant survival skills. If she feels hiding in an emergency is skill, the poor child does not have much of a future.

  • jodi

    Seems weird that a 7 yr old would walk his dog alone in the dark, get lost and then be able to take the police back to the spot the next day. Why didn’t he respond to the people calling his name? I get why not the police but if you’re a lost kid and people are calling your name why not go to them. Seems weird to me. How did this woman obtain custody anyway? Is Cps looking into all of this, I certainly think neglect charges should be filed.

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