Pastner Suspends Player For Foul Language

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(Memphis) The Memphis Tigers are down one player on the men’s basketball team.

Wednesday night, during a game, head coach Josh Pastner sent Dominic Woodson to the locker room.

After the game, Pastner said, “I did not like some of his language he used.”

Pastner has said before he does not use foul language and will not tolerate it from his team members.

“There are some things that I just won’t tolerate,” Pastner told Gary Parrish of Thursday. “I don’t talk that way, and I don’t want players in my program talking that way, and that’s the bottom line.”

Woodson, a freshman, will not travel with the team to the UConn game.


  • Phil

    Wow. A Coach who actually believes in an educational experience for the STUDENTS in his charge! Way to go, Josh. The young man is a Freshman. He is young and supposedly acquiring an advanced education. My Dad used to say “Profanity is a strong way of expressing a weak mind.” So true. Education can provide you options in life. One of these options is learning that The English language offers many choices to express your feelings and to communicate your thoughts to others. Profanity is common, and is symbolic of those without options. This young man may have been given a valuable lesson that is worth more than the tuition he would pay for many of his classes. I only hope he is mature enough to understand.

  • TigerFan

    Don’t watch the Tigers much do you, Nick? Josh doesn’t put up with any nonsense from any players regardless of ability, playing time, ppg, etc. Woodson has actually had considerable playing time for a freshman and done quite well. You must be confusing his program with Cal’s in KY…..

    • James

      KY would wipe the floor with the paper tigers who struggled at times to beat helpless UCF. They always look great with their easy schedule and then in the NCAA Tournament, against good teams, they exit early.

      • TigerFan

        James, I was not referring to roster talent or strength of schedule, I was referring to the integrity of the coach and what he demands of his players with regards to the rules. Cal allows cursing and constantly drops the F bomb himself. Josh doen’t allow that and sets an example of the same. I recall Cal bending every way he could to keep from enforcing a team rule and making excuses for players bad behavior. Josh knows there is a much biger picture for most of these boys and he is trying to teach them something other than just basketball.

  • James

    Who is the starting player with the long hair in a pony tail? Near the end of the game he always takes off the rubberband or whatever and let’s it flow……Josh doesn’t seem to mind. But then again, he is a starter.

  • James Jones

    Coach is not giving the whole story. Does he have counseling or warning that he gave Woodson? That suspension is too harsh if the coach is telling the whole situation. It must be something else going on.or something else about to break about Woodsin. Watch and see.

    • TigerFan

      Reports have been made that he has been reprimanded and told about this before. Josh said in an interview on camera that when behavior doesn’t change after repeated reprimands then the consequences for that behavior must change. This is what he hopes will be Woodson’s wake up call to shape up.

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