Bullet Grazes Woman During Attempted Robbery At Southland Mall

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(Memphis) A woman was grazed by a bullet at Southland Mall Thursday evening.

It happened during an attempted robbery, in the parking lot near the front entrance.

She was loading her child into her vehicle when someone came up behind her and demanded her wallet.

Before she could react, shots were fired.

The woman didn't appear to be seriously hurt, and was taken to the hospital in non-critical condition.

MPD said in an email that the suspects are "three male blacks in a dark blue vehicle."


    • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

      @joe and @JOE, you two are stupid. You called that a description?? three black men? I guess as long as it is reported “they were black”, YOU REST YOUR CASE?! You both are simple and pathetic.

    • Mem Phide

      You willl only know who’s at Southland Mall if you were there yourself. So the big question when was the last time YOU was at Southland Mall? You sorry piece of trash. I am White and from most of the comments that are posted daily are from my own race. I have to thank WREG for letting your guys vent all your hate. I turely believe that what you guys see is a world where people are starting to unite and that eating you alive. Keep in mind Hell is not full yet and there is a place for each one of you.


      Yeah. White people BE in Southland Mall all the time.

      How many of them are the cause of crime, shootings, robberies, etc. in the Memphis area? Let’s look at the next five “shooting” incidents that occur in Shelby county, and see the demographics of the perpetrators (rather than the last five, which might be construed by some as a slight-of-hand, trick, or some other excuse).

  • Dorothy Arquitt

    I know this is wrong but 10 to 1 she will sue the mall or the security company. I myself am just glad she is OK.

  • openminded

    @ Snow Beast…you’re right, sadly blacks are responsible for a lot of the senseless crime..but you can’t single out the white criminals…they’re responsible for all the mass murders that occur in the U.S.

  • joe

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community and their culture to our society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. Real Estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work and a self-reliant can-do
    nature. Without their industrious and creative drive, we would be poorer,
    as a nation.

    Presently enriching the cites of Spokane WA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, St. Louis MO, New Orleans LA, Los Angeles CA, Flint MI, Baltimore MD, Pontiac MI, Gary Ind, Newark NJ, Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, Richmond VA, Memphis TN, Birmingham AL, New York NY, and let’s not forget Detroit, the tourism capital of the World!!!!!!

  • openminded

    @joe…I am sure the black community thanks you for the detailed compliment. There are highly intelligent African Americans who were blind to the sarcasm in your essay. I am very well learned and highly educated myself, however, here’s a bit of advice, you told me to refer to the link you provided. As I said before, I am very intellectual, so therefore, I know better than to believe everything on the internet is true. I have a suggestion, maybe you should pick up a book instead next time.

      • Mem Phide

        Those are figures that, Hunter Wallace,” the founder of the white supremacist website Occidental Dissent” can up with. Joe thanks for the link.and check the date on the srticle. This explains all your racist remarks and negative remarks toward government. Everyone one here have always known that you speak for your self and a few other self haters but there are so many white people that don’t entertain themselves with your remarks or belief. For the peopel that don’t know look up and see what the Occidental Dissent is all about. http://blog.adl.org/tags/occidental-dissent

  • openminded

    @joe…you are more naive than an infant…but I expect as much…sorry to disappoint you, but I do not partake in the consuming of “ghetto koolaid”. As a matter of fact, you seem to know more about it than I do, which is quite comical. I am, however, being fully entertained by these exchanges between you and I, with a glass of 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon, respectfully. I tire quite easily of misinformed and close-minded individuals, so I bid you farewell. Before I forget…Happy Black History Month!

  • wine connoisseur

    Wine was a 2009 CABERNET!!! This would be around $10 a bottle, only thunderbird, night train, old brick, mad dog are sold (in very large quantities) in this area.

  • not impressed

    Oh…let me guess. First you hopped on google, and searched the name of the wine. Then you searched the price of the wine. Then, of course, you had to search the correct spelling of connoisseur…Bravo, Bravo.

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