Gun, Marijuana Found In Fairley High Student’s Locker

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(Shelby County) An 18-year-old Fairley High School student was arrested Thursday after a .40-caliber handgun and bag of marijuana were found in his locker.

Curtis Walton was charged with carrying a weapon on a school campus and simple possession of marijuana.

Someone reported an “odor” coming from the locker, so the principal had it opened and searched.

The school resource officer than alerted the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office.

Walton admitted to officers that both the gun and marijuana were his.

On Tuesday, an unloaded gun and ammunition were found in another Fairley High student’s backpack.

A Kirby High School student was also charged Thursday with carrying a weapon on campus after he was caught with a knife.


  • Bytemeagain

    I’ll bet a year’s salary that this 18 year old student couldn’t spell marijuana if you gave him a dictionary with that page dog-eared.
    There are a lot of bad decisions walking among us, and he’s just one.

  • Terry

    My first thought too. An 18 yr old in high school. Shame on the School system!!!
    THIS is why the School board needs to look at the teachers. Why is this 18 yr old man still in school?? Someone somewhere along the lines passed him to the next grade and shouldn’t have & this is the results! I’m sure w/him being older than some others he feels he has control. If they don’t come down on this boy HARD and scare others of doing the same, then shame on the MPD!!!

    • Deerp!!!

      @ Terry – Where and when did YOU go thru school? If this guy is a senior, 18 years old would be STANDARD for that age level !!! It would all depend on when the birthday falls during the year.

  • Make Mine Stupid

    Back in the day, (the 80’s) if you were going to graduate late at 18 or even 19, you didn’t make waves. It was a given that you were already skating on thin ice, and they were ready to get you out of the system for any reason they could find. But some of us stuck around to get that diploma because it way less humiliating than having to get a GED.

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