TDOT Treats Roads Before And During Winter Weather Advisory

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(Memphis) Below freezing temps, sleet, and snow are all to blame for icing Mid-South roads early Wednesday.

TDOT said it prepared for the winter weather, but didn’t expect so much black ice on the roads.

Over the past couple days, TDOT used thousands of tons of salt.

Workers hit the roads early Wednesday morning laying it down as drivers started sliding, slipping, and slamming the breaks on icy bridges and overpasses.

“We had snow earlier in the week where everybody could get around much better, but this ice just took over bridges very quickly,” said TDOT Supervisor Steve Lemmon

Of course when ice hits, accidents are sure to follow.

Lemmon says about a dozen wrecks jammed interstates in and around Memphis.

Earlier this week, crews put down salt brine on the roads, but it was long gone by the time the snow started Wednesday morning, so crews on standby got to work, laying down actual salt.

Salt does a better job of fighting the ice because it melts the ice faster, which is exactly what happened Wednesday morning as soon as crews hit the roads.

“Watch for us, let us get into traffic and help us where we can get up and salt keep us safe,” said Lemmon.

In the past, TDOT used potato juice to help keep ice off the roads, but right now it’s on back order.

TDOT gets the ice fighting mixture shipped in from New York, but because this winter is bad all over, they haven’t been able to get the potato juice here.