Sharing An Email Account With Your Spouse, Women Racing Controversy And Can You Become Un-famous?

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Here today are Angela Jackson from V101 Radio, Steve Conley with Classic Hits 94.1 and our own George Brown. 

It's been reported this week that actress Cate Blanchett and her husband of 16 years, a playwright, share an email account. 

She says they work together and it's a way of synchronizing their lives. 

But some people are calling it creepy and a good way to ruin your relationship.

What do you think?

Richard Petty is stirring things up in the racing world, saying Danica Patrick would only win a race if no one else showed up. 

He says she only gets attention because she's a woman. 

Agree, or is he the one being sexist?

Actor Shia Lebeouf hit the red carpet at the Berlin Film Festival over the weekend, wearing an unusual accessory. 

He attended the screening of his new movie, “Nymphomaniac” with a paper bag over his head! 

On it the words "I am not famous anymore". 

But, can you ever really get rid of fame?




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  • Melissa R

    I believe a person can get rid of fame but only if they really want to. First rule, don’t go anywhere and that means to the premiere of your movie with or without a bag on your head.

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