Former Southaven Mayor Greg Davis Appears In Court

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(Hernando, MS) Greg Davis' days at city hall are over, but his day in court is just beginning.

Wednesday morning, he had a plea appearance in Desoto County Circuit Court in Hernando.

Steve Farese is Davis' lawyer.

"He is hoping to come out vindicated in all of this," Farese said.

The former mayor made no comment and quickly exited the courtroom as his attorney told the judge they were ready for a February 24th trial.

Davis faces three embezzlement charges over using a city issued vehicle and at the same time getting reimbursed thousands of dollars for mileage.

WREG was the first  to show you the undocumented receipts in 2011 Davis turned in and the thousands of dollars the city reimbursed without any question.

"He is charged with embezzling  by using gasoline owned by the city where he was getting reimbursed. They also have a charge about the purchase of a vehicle," said Farese.

Davis is also charged with getting money from the city to make a charitable donation, but according to documents, he never made the donation.

WREG was the first to report on the $1,000 Bully Bloc Political Action contribution that apparently never happened.

Some thought since Davis was done in city politics, so were his problems.

"You would think they would have had all this sorted out and wrapped up and done as one big trial and be done with it. I mean he is not even the mayor anymore. Let's try him and be done," said Karla Arnold of Southaven.

Davis could be facing some serious time if he is convicted.

"One of the charges carries up to ten years," said Farese.

"I don't know if he got what he deserved. If he still needs to get some more he ought to get some more, you know punishment that is," said Jimmy Long of Southaven.

Davis' attorney is working with the District Attorney's Office to reach a settlement and avoid a trial.

That settlement has to come by next Friday, February 21.

Davis' trial will start February 24, unless a settlement is reached with the D.A.'s office.

He still faces a federal investigation and a judge has not reached a decision on charges filed by the state.


  • Joanna Williams

    what about all the money he had to pay back? he would have never paid it back if he had’nt got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Are they not gonna punish him for that? his lawyer is prolonging this trial so long so maybe the judge will go easy. Please tell me if there’s gonna be a jury? If this was anyone else, a regular individual, they would have already thrown the book at them. He’s just sickening to me, just like after getting caught and going on that extravagant trip in the south.

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