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At Least You Don’t Have To Work In The Cold

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(Memphis) Just because it's below freezing and sleeting doesn't mean all work outside comes to a halt.

For crews working on the Beale Street landing Wednesday, face masks were a must.

Builders working on some apartment buildings nearby said the key to staying warm is to layer up and keep moving.

"Anything possible to keep yourself warm. Shovel, anything," said one worker.

Montgomery Martin Construction said the extremely cold weather this winter has slowed down the project some.

When the temperature drops to the mid teens they don't work.

"We've missed a few days because of the weather. Any days it was below 20 degrees we didn't get to work but other than that we were good," said Allen Hughes.

Crews say you always have to watch out for those freezing fingers and toes, but 30 degree days aren't so bad.

They said it beats working in the summer heat.

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