Rural Residents Say Ice Nearly Trapped Them

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(Marshall County, MS) An army of salt trucks and transportation workers prepared for Tuesday’s snow and ice.

But they concentrated on main roads and state highways.

In North Mississippi, where many people live in the country, they have to fend for themselves when snow and ice hit, which can leave them trapped at home.

Claude Culver says it’s been a long time since he’s seen a winter like this.

Tuesday’s snow and ice nearly made him housebound.

”Man, it was tough. It was tough. I couldn’t hardly get down my driveway this morning.”

Culver’s home sits on top of a hill in rural Marshall County, with a long, winding driveway that got covered with ice overnight.

It kept him inside until the sun melted enough of the ice and snow, he felt he could try safely to get out.

Problem is, new warnings promise more ice and snow here by Wednesday.

”I am concerned. We have this second wave coming through and it’ll be the same thing,” said Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards.

That means more ice, more slipping and sliding.

Claude Culver says he’s staying glued to the TV weather forecast.

”I’m watching the TV for all the latest information, all the time, all the time.”

He’s hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst, because in rural areas like his, there’s fewer city, county or state snow plows, or salt trucks to count on.

”It was rough this morning. It was so bad, I went down there, it was rough as it’s been.”

Fortunately the latest warnings don’t include Marshall County, but they DO include Tippah, Alcorn and some of the Counties to the north in Tennessee. There are lots of eyes on the sky in North Mississippi.