Mom And Grandma Accused Of Cursing Out Child Bully

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(Memphis) A Memphis mother and grandmother are accused of taking matters into their own hands after their little girl was bullied at school.

Marva Sander and Pamela Wilson Jones are charged with aggravated criminal trespassing after what happened at Hawkins Mill Elementary School.

According to a police report, the mother and grandmother walked their little girl to her class and then barged into the room to confront a little boy they claim was bullying their daughter.

Witnesses say the two women cursed at the little boy, causing a huge scene in the classroom.

Grandmother Pamela is even accused of tapping the elementary school boy on his forehead in an attempt to intimidate him.

There were two teachers in the classroom when all of this happened and even they say they felt threatened by the two women, especially when they wouldn't leave.

The school's principal was eventually able to convince Sanders and Jones to leave the school.

“I think the teachers need to get a handle of the situation,” said Nicholas Tucker.

Tucker says he understands the desire to protect your children, but he thinks this pair may have gone too far.

“My son is deaf in one ear so I worry about things like that. Him being picked on and not being able to tell the teacher, so I understand that, but I don’t understand why the parents came in the school and acted abruptly,” said Tucker.

All of this happened two weeks ago, but the women are just now being charged with crimes.

Shelby County Schools says it had to get police involved because the two were irate and violated the district’s policy when they refusing to leave the building.


  • Phil

    ….”when they refused to leave the building….” How in hell did they get IN the building? Someone didn’t do their job in protecting the premises.

  • mi

    Although it is not right what they did, but the schools ARE NOT doing anything about bullying… and the ignorant bullies continue on… I can’t say as I blame them..these little jerks who bully others need to have their butts kicked from all over to stop their bullying. The parents of these bullies are turning a blind eye to their sweet little juvenile delinquents… too!

  • Carol Burden

    Teacher don’t do anything about bullying! Giles county elementary school has it bad and been to everyone even school board. The teacher bad as anyone My granddaughter finally took her on out to home school He was afraid to go to school I don’t blame those folks just should have done it in a different way

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