Kellogg Fight Brings Local Leaders In To The Frontline

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More than 200 workers have been locked out of the Kellogg's plant in South Memphis since October after their union couldn't reach a new deal with the company.

Now local leaders are threatening to personally picket the plant, if the lockout doesn't end soon.

Among them are Memphis City Councilman Lee Harris, and Shelby County Commissioner Steve Mulroy.


  • Gail B.

    Thanks News Channel 3 for reporting the facts. Everyone I talk to, in and around the Memphis area, are confused about what is actually going on. I hope all is resolved soon for the sake of my family and others who are suffering due to Kellogg’s actions.

  • Mary Stewart

    I am retired from Kellogg. What the Company is doing right now, is trying to negociate the Master Contract that involves ALL Kellogg Plants across the US during a LOCAL Contract. Each plant has a local then we are all bound under one Master. By doing this, the Company is breaking the Master Contract agreement of NO WALKOUTS / NO LOCKOUTS. And FYI the Union DID NOT ask for anything in this contract, only asking to KEEP what they have.

    • Gerald Gibbons

      Mary Stewart, Your comments are spot on! Many folks have little regard or knowledge of how or why a labor contract is arrived at – it is foreign to them, but it is as American as apple pie! It is illegal what Kellogg is trying to do. I submit the idea that Kellogg has hired HR folks who do not choose to follow existing labor related agreements because it does not fit with the goals they have in mind. Their workers are simply being treated as a commodity, one which has no human rights, while at the same time CEO & vice presidents vote themselves over the top pay scales with a bonus to match year after year. Where is the justice & fair play? Hopefully the National Labor Relations Board will soon step up to correct this kind of corporate conduct by a judgement educating the Kellogg Company of their gross failure to bargain in good faith?

  • Gail B.

    I agree with you both… Kellogg Company is in breach of contract… I hope the NLRB will hurry up and set them straight. The workers and their families are suffering. Memphis has given Kellogg’s tax breaks through the year 2016… Looks like someone should take that away until they do the right thing.

  • Mary

    Omaha here. Rumor has it that a lock out will occur here in May. I quit my job because my husband works 60+ hrs a week forced overtime and someone needs to be here for the kids. I’ll be looking for a new job tomorrow. Labor costs on a box of cereal run about 35 cents on a box that retails for over $4. Kelloggs employees have no sick days, forced overtime and literally work in an oven. Management treats employees like they are dirt on the bottom of their shoes.

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