Highway 78 Plagued By Icy Accidents

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(New Albany, MS) Jessi Griffin took one look at the pictures online of Tuesday morning’s ice and snow, and decided to be safe rather than sorry.

”I was on Facebook, saw the roads were pretty bad. I do home health so I stayed in. I just now got out to work this afternoon.”

The Twitterverse was filled with pictures of jack-knifed tractor-trailers, as well as cars and pickups that slid off of ice-covered highways.

When overnight snow and sleet turned to ice, it practically shut down Highway 78 for hours in the early part of the day.

”It was getting packed, it was turning into ice. We had a patrol car slide off of 78 this morning,” said Union County Sheriff Jimmy Edwards.

He said daybreak brought the worst conditions, and the most accidents.

You didn’t have to go far to see multiple problems.

The sunshine made things much better but icy spots were still easy to find.

By noon, most of the bad spots were in shaded areas and under bridges, and that presents a different kind of danger.

Sheriff Edwards says lots of drivers got caught off-guard.

”When it’s patchy, it’s kinda worse, because you get to goin’ good and you hit a patch.”

Fortunately, the sun did what all the salt and snow plow had tried to do all night and morning.

It made things safer…for now.

”I’m gonna see as many this evening as I can so I can head it off if it does do anything,” said Griffin

And that’s a good idea, because parts of Northeast Mississippi remain under a winter weather warning for Tuesday night and through Wednesday.