Tow Trucks Not Heavily Needed in Winter Weather

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(Shelby County, TN)To the surprise of many tow truck drivers Saturday, towing companies didn’t cash in from this round of winter weather.

“It’s been pretty slow, the city salted the streets, got all the snow,” said Caleb Woods who owns 1st Call Towing and Recovery.

His company only towed a handful of cars out of the snow in Millington Saturday.

“They were sliding into a ditch,” said Woods.

But Woods says even though some drivers lost control in the snow, this weekend is the slowest he’s seen from winter weather since he started his company seven years ago.

Woods isn’t alone.

News Channel 3 called around to different companies who also say they weren’t busy either.

Woods says road crews got it right this time, “They were pretty much prepared.”

For now, Mid-South cities and counties plan on staying that way.

More snow is expected to hit the grounds before many head back to work Monday.

Woods says he’s standing by in case people need him, but, it’s going to come and go just like it did today, nothing to worry about, be safe, buckle up!” said Woods.


  • Joe Censored

    What winter weather??? Elise Preston, is this what you call a news worthy story? They were not busy because it was a dusting at best.

    I want my minute back it took me top read this stupidity.

    What is your next story on, a cat in a tree?

    • joe

      Didn’t you read it’s going to snow today….oh wait no it’s not…oh wait now it is…oh wait no it’s not…oh wait now it is…

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