Women At-Risk For Stroke At All Stages Of Life

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(Memphis) For National Wear Red Day, Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women gave newborns red beanies and new moms some important information about heart disease.

"Taking care of myself and being aware of the signs of stroke and heart disease is very important to me," said new mom Jackie Sourek

This year the American Heart Association is trying to draw attention to the risk factors of stroke that are unique to women like birth control, high blood pressure during pregnancy, menopause, even migraines.

"Migraine headaches with an associate aura with tingling with visual change. Those types of migraines are associated with strokes down the road," said Dr. Jennifer Morrow  with the Stern Cardiovascular Center.

Stroke risk rises with age, but cardiologist say women should have their blood pressure checked at every stage of their life.

"Women who have pregnancy associated blood pressure really need to be monitored in a life-long fashion," said Dr. Morrow.

Every year around 800,000 Americans have strokes and the majority are women.

For a look at the stroke guidelines for women, click here.