Teacher & firefighter indicted for statutory rape

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Update:  A former Memphis teacher and a firefighter have been indicted on previous charges of statutory rape.

Michael Lewis has been indicted on seven felony charges, including three counts of statutory rape by an authority figure, three counts of sexual battery by an authority figure and aggravated statutory rape.

Bryan Wilson has been indicted on charges of aggravated statutory rape.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Shelby County Schools teacher and his firefighter roommate were arrested for statutory rape.

Deputies say two 17-year-old girls told them they were involved in sexual relationships with the men.

A girl told investigators in one case, the consensual sex happened inside a Bolton High School classroom numerous times.

Bolton teacher and assistant basketball coach Michael Lewis, 31, is charged with statutory rape by an authority figure and aggravated statutory rape.

The girl also said she spent at least three nights with Lewis at his home.

A Memphis firefighter who lives at the same address as Lewis is also charged with statutory rape of a 17-year-old female.

The second girl told police she stayed with Bryan Wilson, 31, at least ten nights and had consensual sex five times.

Lewis is suspended without pay from his job as a Shelby County Schools teacher and coach. He was hired by the school district in January 2012 and started teaching at Bolton High that July.

“I didn’t think nothing like this would be said about him that he would do anything like this,” said Trebor Jackson, student.

No one answered the door at the men’s Bartlett home when we wen knocking, but we found what looked like a keg of beer sitting on the porch of the bachelor pad.

Neighbors are surprised by the arrest.

“Nobody is immune from making mistakes. In this case it sounds like they made a big mistake,” said Larry Milligan, neighbor.

“He’s older. He’s more experienced. He knows what to say,” said 21-year-old Andrea Phillips.

Investigators say the teen girls said sex was consensual but it’s a crime because they are underage and at least one of the men was in a position of authority.

One woman who didn’t want to be identified said, “You’re their leader so you know that shouldn’t happen. How can you even look at a child in that sense. That’s disgusting.”

Disgusting maybe, but it’s the second time in less than a year a Bolton teacher and coach has been in trouble for an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Math teacher and assistant football coach La-Torrence Bivens was fired last April.

“The same thing just different teachers,” said Jackson.

Still, students are surprised at this latest arrest.

Bolton student Alex Thacker said, “He was a great coach and everything. I heard great things about him. When I heard about this, I was actually kind of shocked.”

Both Lewis and his roommate are still in jail.

The firefighter will have a hearing as soon as he gets out of jail.

A spokesperson for the Memphis Fire Department said he’ll likely be relieved of duty.

Shelby County Schools says Lewis will continue his unpaid suspension until after they complete an investigation.


  • mikep3

    Grayhawk’s right. If she was so loose as to be sleeping around with her teacher AND his roommate on numerous occasions, no telling who else she was sleeping around with. Were there any 15 or 16 year old underclassmen involved with her? And, I know if my daughter wasn’t coming home at night, I would be asking some questions. The article says she spent the 3 nights with one guy and 10 nights with the other. That’s a lot of nights.

    • Harold

      Read the article. There was two different girls involved. One with the teacher and one with the firefighter.

  • Don

    Both of these idiots knew how old these girls were, But I’m sure both girls were willing victims and both should take credit for ruining the suspects life.

  • sherrell

    I agree and the parents to need to be changed because who lets there 16 and 17 year daughter spend the night with a man for 3 nights. And why all of a sudden the girls say something now. Was it because they didn’t do what they wanted them to do anymore

    • Ms.Jones

      Who said the parents knew about what was going on? How do we know that these two young girls weren’t lying to their parents concerning their whereabouts? Something as simple as saying, “I’m going to spend the night at __________ house for the weekend.” And, wha-la! Personally, it sounds as if Mom or Dad did some snooping because they became suspicious, and the truth came out. On another note, the comment was made that the lives’ of these two “men” are now ruined. Seeing as how these two men are of adult age, one in a position of authority, the other being a government employee, it can be safely assumed that they both were well versed in the law of the land. Their lives’ are now ruined because of their own poor judgement, not by those of the two teenaged girls.

  • austinandjustin

    Wonder why I’ve had two posts deleted with the subject being stop blaming the girls and blame the adult men (one of whom is a teacher) who knew the consequences of sleeping with underage girls and did it anyway?

  • A Mom

    Ms. Jones you are on point! Very well said. My sentiments exactly. Who in their right mind who assume the children are responsible for ruining these men lives? Some times, I just don’t understand the level of comphrehension of some people.

      • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

        @freedom, before calling someone an idiot, try using proper grammar. YOU ARE AN IDIOT or YOU’RE AN IDIOT.

      • Freedomwasawesome

        For: if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

        Grammar? Really? How about

        If you knew who I am you would be in shock!
        You would be shocked to know who I am!

  • austinandjustin

    Instead of blaming the girls for “being so loose and sleeping with her teacher” why not blame the adult men? They knew that the girls were underage and still that did not stop them. The men, who of whom was in an position of authority over the girls, knew that a relationship with an underage girl could mean their jobs, jail, and their name being added to the child molester list. No one forced these men into doing what they did. They did it to themselves and blaming the victim does not excuse their criminal behavior.

  • Janice

    Mistake..Mistake…a mistake is classified as dropping a glass on the floor and as a result it breaks. This is an egregious crime and they should be punished to the full extent of the law!

    • Freedomwasawesome

      I know right? It’s a conspiracy that 90+% of crime in the Memphis area are committed by blacks!
      ( sarcasim )

    • austinandjustin

      @sally, I suppose you know these girls involved to call them such disrespectful names. You must know that these two underage girls knew exactly what they were doing at all times. You must know that the men involved did not target them for their vulnerability, their innocence, or their ability to believe a line a 31-yr old man would tell a 17 yr old that a grown woman would know to be lies. I also suppose you know that other victimized young women who read your comments will be less likely to tell if they are in such a situation because they don’t want to called the names you casually called these young women.

  • Doug

    ““I didn’t think nothing like this would be said about him that he would do anything like this,” said Trebor Jackson, student.”

    Wow, if Lewis teaches English, he was failing at that, too.

  • Andrew Rhodes

    The asinine simpleton argument of “Where are the Parents?” is so old and tired and a sign of a lack of ones OWN responsibility of direct or indirect influence over others that it’s just simply idiotic to the core.

    I mean, SERIOUSLY! What? One, two Parents? Maybe a few more supportive family members?

    Against society itself? Public and popular figures. Student peers. Siblings. Friends. TV. Movies. Books. Music. Magazines. (Note I’m NOT railings simply against media but rather as parts of a larger WHOLE.) Talk shows, organizations, internet discussion boards. News articles from various sources covering various issues. People talking to other people while you listen or read and perhaps even participate. Millions upon millions of OTHER influences, tiny ones that you might forget but may have left some form of impression upon your thoughts and ideas, up to large “life changing” ones.

    Yes, Parents have a role. Sometimes they have an influence. Sometimes it’s MEANT to be a positive role. Sometimes it turns out to be a negative role.

    But by absolutely NO means are they alone in influencing their own child. If you don’t get that, you’re too bloody uneducated and too bloody unintelligent to grasp the concept of complex individuality. After all, I only covered external influences. I didn’t mention various genetic or mental traits (such as will power against peer pressure or against random impulses and so on), or the multitudes of other experiences the individual has had throughout their lives to shape what they become at any given time, or the personality of the individual that has built up over time. Or thousands of other complex conditions that all interact with one another to make the individual.

  • Andrew Rhodes

    Another thing I’m seeing from both the case and the responses to it from society is the continued inability to TRULY define “consent” AND “age of consent” AND “maturity”. Look at the laws state to state. Different ages, sometimes even different from each gender. Different social views as well as different legal views.

    How can ANYONE wrap their head around this stuff when there is so much inconsistency?

  • Freedomwasawesome

    Maybe that is their sexual orientation.
    Maybe they were just born with a sexual preference to young girls.
    And your spreading hate and intolerance if you disagree with their perfected lifestyle.

    Sounds rediculess doesn’t it?

    I agree!

  • Freedomwasawesome

    Maybe that is their sexual orientation.
    Maybe they were just born with a sexual preference to young girls.
    And your spreading hate and intolerance if you disagree with their prefered lifestyle.
    Sounds rediculess doesn’t it?
    I agree!

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