City Of Memphis Set To Crack Down On Sidewalk Maintenance

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(Memphis) Along North Parkway, you will find plenty of cracked and broken sidewalks.

"The old trees and everything, it's the roots that are growing up," says Lori Tuggle, who lives on North Parkway.

The Tuggle family have lived on North Parkway a year and never thought the sidewalk was their responsibility.

"I know you are responsible if somebody falls. You are supposed to keep it clear in case somebody falls," says Lori Tuggle.

She didn't know she must also keep it repaired.

The sidewalk in front of your  property is up to you to maintain, not the city or county.

Mayor AC Wharton says you wouldn't know it by the number of complaints the city gets.

"Folks call me and blast me for not fixing their sidewalks, when it's their responsibility," says Wharton.

So the city is cracking down and enforcing an often ignored city ordinance that says every owner of property must keep sidewalks or walkways in good repair and condition.

"We are getting ready to start enforcing that and we are gonna have a lot of hardship cases," says Wharton.

"So many people out of work. How can you afford to get your sidewalk fixed when you can't even pay your light bill?" says Lori Tuggle.

There could be consequences for not repairing your sidewalks, starting with a warning all the way up to a lien on your property.

The Tuggles say they are in a catch-22, since the bad sidewalks are caused by old trees.

"You have to have a permit to get the tree cut down in order for you to fix the sidewalk," say Melvin Tuggle, who lives on North Parkway.

"They should just let us know first before they start cracking down on people because that is expensive," says Lori Tuggle.

The City plans on getting the word out along with information and options for hardship cases, giving people a chance to make repairs before they are forced to do so.

If you're given a notice to make repairs, you'll have 30 days to do it.

If the city has to do it instead, you'll have to pay for it and failing to pay could land you in court.

Livable Memphis is a community organization that can deliver  materials on how to get your sidewalk in shape.

Go to or call 901-725-8370 for details.


  • Nonya Bidness

    If you are in memphis and see a marginal sidewalk, report it immediately to code enforcement. This is going to get the voters riled up and get ole A.C. thrown out of office.

  • Jose Ramirez

    Ok, I’ll fix it. And block it from anyone walking on it. If i have to fix it, it’s my property correct?

    • Terry Austin

      And going a little further with that….If I park my car on the sidewalk in front of my house, that is my property so I should not receive a citation for parking on MY property, correct?

  • Jazzy Me

    Please have them quote the exact city ordinance that says this. I doubt if anyone in Memphis has ever heard of this. He does remember that this is an election year, right??

  • Jazzy Me

    If the Mayor & his office were concerned with public relations they would first have EDUCATED the public on this. I’m sure they know that just like any policy or plan we only look at when it impacts us. HE probably just found out about this. EDUCATE! Advise where resources can be found. Have a Memphis “Fix Sidewalk Day” But to just say, ” I’ll fix you! I’ll fine u if u don’t fix it……” As much as I’ve tried to support this leadership in the past, this just makes a lot of what I’ve heard sound true. So now he’s acting like the Big Shot Mayor instead of a public official elected to provide service to the public. smh.

  • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

    wreg tv will not let me post my comments,,,that’s ok. i will be on somebody’s sidewalk asking to stop BLACK on BLACK killing. And he is talking about a sidewalk…..creating more hardship for the people.

  • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

    black on black crimes are happening on our sidewalks, now he wants us to pay for them to stand on them and sell dope? what the hell is going on? wharton, are you ok?

  • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

    the city of memphis got ONE time to fine me for a f-ing sidewalk…..just like they tried to get me to paint my fence when thugs sprayed. huh! i showed them….i wont tell you (the reader) what i did but there is a way to stop this silly mess in memphis a

  • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

    and it is for us to stand in NUMBERS..Let me tell y’all something, as long as we stay focused on racial issues (or creating them), they always sneak something else on you and me, blacks, whites, rich, poor, sick, healthy, stupid, smarties, ….trust and believe me, we need to stick together and dont voice all our opinions publicly on forum like this. If you do, join forces with an organization that is trying to help. We all are hurting, if you are not, you are still toting a gun and/or scare to be out in your own yard…so all that is going on in my town and yours it trickles down to this.

  • leavingheresoon

    Everyone in Memphis/Shelby county is fed up but nobody knows what to do. The city leaders are running us into the ground yet we all just sit quietly and watch. The city is overrun with crime, failing schools, and crooked cops, yet Wharton chooses to focus on sidewalks? Businesses are leaving and so is the tax base, but nobody focuses on the real reason why. I’m a well educated taxpayer, on no form of assistance, and I’ll be leaving soon if Memphis doesn’t clean up it’s act. I’m just one person, but I am one of many. Does anyone have suggestions on how to improve this city?

    • mission

      We need to vote out the mayor and all of the city council and start over. Of course, the black community won’t let that happen, so I guess the best thing is too move out of the city.

      • if u knew who i was..u would b shocked!

        @mission, when you said, ” Of course, the black community won’t let that happen,…”…dont jump on that pony yet..Black people will stand up, not all blacks will stand by and let this happen. If people would just realize this: there is about half the blacks, that are polictically active, smart, not on govt asst, not killing, not smoking drugs, not raising animals, not hating everything a white person says and this list goes on and on. But guess what? they may just be the minority and the ones that are asking any and everybody’s help to stop these ignorant blacks. we all are not stupid, if you care join forces with every race to fight the powers that be. Down with race> <Up with people.

  • Skeptic

    They are correct. The property owner is responsible for keeping the sidewalk in good repair. Years ago the city worked on the sidewalk in front of some property we owned. They put a barricade around but a child fill in the hole and we were sued for her injuries and we lost. The city has to repair what they dig up but if the sidewalk is a hazard just through time the property owner has to fix.

    I found out that your property line goes to the center of the street but that was deeded to the city as a right of way. The city can dig up in front of your property roughly 1 foot on your side of the sidewalk to the curb and there isn’t much you can do about it. If you have the grass strip between the sidewalk and curb, don’t plant any expensive shrub there. They pretty much can dig it up for repairs.

  • Skeptic

    Wanted to add. Since when are work vehicles allowed to park on sidewalks. I’m seeing this all around the city. From private crews to city crews to police vehicles. It used to be that the construction companies would build safety tunnels to walk thru but now they close the sidewalks and make you cross the street or walk in the street.

    Memphis only enforces laws and ordinances when it suits them. Memphis laws aren’t laws, they are suggestions.

  • Crazy Right Winger

    If a sidewalk runs through private property and the city places demands on the property owner to maintain the sidewalk then it isn’t private property is it? Sidewalks are used by the public, not just by the property owner. Is the value of the sidewalk included in your property tax bill? If you repair a broken sidewalk will your property tax bill go up since you improved the property? If I repair the sidewalk and the sidewalk is mine, then should I be able to collect a maintenance fee from users of the sidewalk for future repairs? I think these are all valid questions.

    • leavingheresoon

      I will sign it but it needs to be rewriten first. There are ao many errors I’m not are people will take it seriously. Still, a wonderful idea.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    This is the guy who was going to turn our city around, well I guess he did. You can only stop this madness by getting these people out of office, but like somebody else on here said, that will be hard to do when our black people only vote based on color regardless of the lack of qualifications. If we start now we may be able to kick some of these backward thinking people out of office so that our city can begin to move forward. What a dumb idea by our flamboyant mayor.

    • Mem Pride

      It is sad that you made the comment concerning race, as another blogger did, but still want unity when you feel it will fit your need. Blacks are not the only one that vote on color line so do whites and other minority. this was shown during the Presidential election. Not only di some people vote because of race, there was a majority voted because of gender. If you want change first you have to change your racist ways and your racist thoughts and start thinking and acting as people. the more you send out negative vides, thoughs or action you will forever receive them back in return. The city may have it’s problem but hat are you doing to resolve them?

      • Thomas H. Evans

        Are you suggesting that you are doing something to relax race relations in Memphis, and if so please give me an example of what you have done in the past five years. My remarks are not racist, they are factual, and it goes both ways.

  • smith

    Sidewalks set on the city easement, which makes them the city concern. You gave the city an easement from the center of the street to where your property start on the inside of the sidewalk. That easement they are required to maintain, That would include the sidewalks, that would also include mowing, but most of us do that for the city without pay, this is just another way Wharton is placing more on taxpayer, like all the fees on your MLG&W bill

  • Don

    I’m sure most of the residents didn’t ask for the sidewalks, and one would think they required the contractors who put the streets in were paid by the developer had to put sidewalks, curbs and gutters, which was not mentioned, and was inspected by the city, the city should issued permits have advised the owners how far from the trees should be from the sideswalk to keep them from damaging the concrete.

    Okay, It looks to me that the city may be liable and should repair the sidewalks. If the city denies this there is another strategy.

    Being city says the walks are on private property. it appears that there is another way to save money . and that is have a concrete contractor, or the owner can do it, The owner could remove the broken concrete and angle the sidewalk to go behind the tree(s) then connect to the existing walk. If the owners decides to just repair the walk they would take into consider how much of the roots are damaged.
    I wouldn’t think since this is on private property the walk could be laid so it would enhance your property.

    As a last resort, you can move to Tipton county. I don’t have sidewalks.

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