Race, Are We So Different?

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We may look different, but science says, that's about all that separates me, from you.

A provocative new exhibit in Memphis explores the idea.

Steve Masler is from the Pink Palace.



  • Race
  • Are We So Different?
  • Free Lecture Tonight
  • 5 p.m. - 7 p.m.
  • The Pink Palace
  • 3050 Central Ave.
  • (901) 636-2362



Pink Palace


  • Steve

    Polar bears and brown bears are seperate species. They are close enough to mate and decended from a common ancestor. Humans are all one species. You say the science in the exhibit is “politically correct,” I say that they are based on science and years of study. If you decide to disregard the scienceAs Stephen Colbert is fond of saying, “The facts have a liberal bias.” All humans are 99.9 percent the same genome. The term race to describe various peoples wasn’t used until the 16th century. There is no such thing as race because no one can define where in the gradient of colors, sizes, hair, etc, the archtype of any one species fall. How far from the archtype that is artificially chosen should we go before we stop saying people are of the same race. Skin color is a multu gene varient and even people that used to use the race mean something else now.Race is just human variation. Variation occurs when poulations have lived in one location for a long time. Everthing else are cultural values that we have assigned and have taken cultural root so deeply that even the members of the “races” begin to believe them. Also, I see tha you are identifij j j

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