Judge: Confession In Post Office Murders Can Be Used

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(Memphis) A Federal judge has ruled the confession of a man charged with killing two post office workers can be used in his trial.

Judge Jon P. McCalla released his decision Thursday afternoon.

At the end of January, McCalla ruled prosecutors may pursue the death penalty in their case against Chastain Montgomery because he is competent.

Montgomery confessed that he and his son robbed the Henning Post Office in 2010 and killed two female employees.

For months, the two eluded police, until Montgomery’s son was stopped for another crime.

Officers say he opened fire on them and they shot and killed him.

Montgomery was arrested when he came to the scene.

Officers say the two had the same guns used in the Henning murder.

Despite admitting to planning and carrying out the post office robbery that netted just $63, Montgomery’s attorney says his confession was coerced and he didn’t have a lawyer at that time.

Judge McCalla says potential jurors will be brought in April 1st, with the case set to start April 7th.


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