Ice Takes Out Trees, Power Lines In Tipton County

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(Memphis) For the second time in a week ice knocked out power to people living in Tipton County.

At one point Tuesday night as many as 10,000 people were in the dark.

Wednesday, crews with Southwest Tennessee Electric were out removing tree limbs and ice from power lines to restore electricity to the area.

Some people in Tipton County were taking matters into their own hands, using guns to remove ice from heavy tree branches near their homes.

"If that falls on my roof that’s going to take my front porch out," said Don Heady.

Heady has lived near Munford for 14 years and says this is the worst ice storm he has ever seen.

"I lost a lot of trees. Everybody has. I was without power 16 hours Sunday and three hours yesterday."

Katrina Fish has been watching tree branches crash around her home and she's worried about what will fall next.

"With the wind picking up I’m afraid they are going to keep coming down."

The National Weather Service says around half an inch of ice accumulated in Tipton County during the freezing rain Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Tipton County Schools were closed for the day.