Beating Suspect Bound For Grand Jury

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(Southaven, MS) "Mr. Becton, did you intend to kill Georgie McKee?”

The question came to Kwame Becton as he stepped off a Southaven police bus at Municipal Court.

His response?

“You’re scaring me."

Our question may have scared Becton, but not nearly as much as police say he scared Georgie McKee as he reportedly beat her nearly to death back in December.

Police just outside Chicago caught up with him and returned him to Southaven, where he faced a judge under heavier-than-usual security.

"Once we were able to work with the agencies in the Chicago area, they took him into custody and he had a pre-signed waiver of extradition through the state. He also had a warrant for violation of probation,” said Southaven Police Lieutenant Mark Little.

A judge bound Becton over to the DeSoto County Grand Jury, which will hear his case in the coming months.

That means more time behind bars for Becton, who sources say has shown signs of mental problems.

Those sources also say he’s become a target for violence in jail.

We’re told that’s one reason the bus from the jail was late to court.

Meanwhile, detectives say they’re more confident than usual they have their man.

"I feel pretty confident we got the right person if that’s what you’re asking. We’ll see what the evidence shows and continually working on it on a daily basis. Right now, we don’t think anyone else was involved, not at this time.”

If Becton did have help, even he isn’t talking about it.

"Mr. Becton, did you plan and do this by yourself, or did you have help?” he was asked as police led him from court under heavy guard.

He never answered.


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