DeSoto Considers “Tweaks” To Dog Ordinance

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(DeSoto County, MS) Mark Thomas says DeSoto County has a stray dog problem.

”We’ve got dogs running loose all over the place and the problem is, it seems like the County’s reactive.”

He says a friend of his learned that the hard way when a loose dog came after him.

”He and his dog were walking and the dog broke loose so he defended himself and the dog, his dog by using a stick and poking the other dog.”

Thomas is asking DeSoto’s Board of Supervisors to take another look at the County’s vicious dog ordinance.

”I’m an animal lover myself, and I have dogs.” said Board President Lee Caldwell.

But she also knows, having dogs, also means responsibility.

DeSoto County has one of the most talked about animal control ordinances in the state, at 28 pages. It’s also one, many other communities have copied.

But now, some say it’s time for a few tweaks to the ordinance.

”Do I think it can be tweaked? Sure. Yes, I do, some. We have a committee that can do that” Caldwell explained.

And that committee met Tuesday to consider seven pages worth of so-called tweaks.

Thomas hopes it includes more involvement from the Sheriff and other County departments so more eyes can look for potential problems.

”So I’m optimistic I’ll see some action on this. I hope. I’m just waiting to see.”

Supervisors say they aim to go from reactive on stray dogs to proactive, and soon.

The DeSoto Animal Shelter will hold a special pet adoption weekend February 22nd. It features ten dollar adoptions.


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