Olive Garden Worker Admits To Plot To Kidnap Teenage Co-Worker

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(Memphis) Police say a man who worked at the Olive Garden on Winchester tried to kidnap and rape one of his co-workers.

Police say Jonathon Cox admitted to detectives that he had been plotting the crime for the last six months.

Cox is being held in jail on a $100,000 bond for allegedly trying to carry out the savage crime against the teenage girl.

The man apparently lives in a West Memphis house with his mother.

“He just acts weird, really weird,” said a neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified.

Cox is accused of trying to drag a teenage girl back home with him to tie her up and rape her.

“That’s horrible. That's horrible,” said the neighbor.

Police say the 29-year-old Olive Garden worker waited out in the parking lot Sunday morning with duct tape and rope in his car.

When the target of his obsession showed up to work, he grabbed her, covered her mouth, and tried to drag her to his car.

The teenage girl was able to break away and run across the street to a bank and call her mom.

Later that day, police swarmed Cox’s home, which is about 40 miles away in West Memphis.

“We knew police was out there but that was it. We were watching the Super Bowl,” said another neighbor.

Once in custody, police say Cox waived his rights and admitted to plotting the kidnapping, saying he planned to have sex with her once he got her to his house.

Detectives say Cox confessed to planning the kidnapping over the last six months.

“You knew he had some issues?” asked Reporter Sabrina Hall.

“Oh yeah. Definitely,” said a neighbor.

“What made you think he had issues?” asked Hall.

“He acted weird. He would hang his head down and he wouldn`t speak. Just strange, really strange,” she said.

Strange, but the neighbor says the allegations are still a shock.

We’re told the victim works as a host at Olive Garden and is still in high school.

According to Cox's Facebook page, he’s worked as a "back-up" at the restaurant since 2006. His only prior arrest was for speeding.

His next court date is February 11.


  • Sam

    He wasn’t gonna let her go! What was he gonna do when he was finished with her? That’s crazy! The girl is gonna have PTS syndrome now! He lived with his mom too! Poor girl
    Woulda been done for! Im glad she got away!

  • dumbwhitesnowbeastaresavages

    That dude has served me at Olive Garden! I thought he was a bit challenged. It’s a good thing the young lady got free.

  • Robert

    Why do reporters find it necessary to interview neighbors for their opinions about things like this? Viewers don’t CARE what the neighbors think. I’ve started changing the channels whenever a news broadcast does it – because that’s not “news” – it’s gossip. And if you really feel you HAVE TO share gossip, you should show the person’s face. Anonymous gossip is about as low as graffiti on a bathroom wall. Stop it!

  • dumbwhitesnowbeastaresavages

    Toby and cybersalammer please go bond out your brother before he rats you out. We both know you put him up to this. It never fails, since he is challenged mentally you sent him to do it while you waited in the lot just like that movie last house on the left. Notice how Toby said, ” Forrest Gump could have been faster. ” I am sure he had done it before.


    Heyyyyy Nonyabidness, where are you??? Are you too busy strugglin to get this nonblack guys bail money to post back here on this one? Well maybe ya boy Toby will forward the message that we missed your racist, bigotted comments on this one.

  • Don

    Later that day, police swarmed Cox’s home, which is about 40 miles away in West Memphis.

    I didn’t know that Collierville Had an olive Garden…..

    • Toby

      If he was black he would have kidnapped her and her boyfriend tortured and raped them and then killed them. Just like the savages they are.


    • Hard Truths

      Do you have proof the troll is white? Do you know (s)he/it personally? If not, then don’t make assumptions..

      Race baiting works both sides of the fence and only hurts thinned skin people.

      • Brian

        Let’s not be obtuse here…Toby comments on a regular basis whenever a story relates to something negative done by a black person. White? Maybe not…Black? Definitely not. Racist? Definitely so.

      • Hard Truths

        @Brian…Obtuse? Not by a long shot. Perspicacious?, Very much so.. I’ve seen it happen on numerous occasions.

        So lets agree to disagree. ☺

      • Kevin

        @jenny. I believe those two were discussing TOBY, not Jonathon Cox.

        BTW, don’t contact the reporter. IMO you may regret it.

        You are aware the lawyers and other legal staff may very well be monitoring what you say and can use it against you? STHU

  • joe

    2011 Crime Statistics:

    African-Americans are 16.7 percent of the Tennessee population and 26.3 percent of poor people in Tennessee, but are responsible for 38.8 percent of the burglaries, 56.6 percent of the homicide, 40.4 percent of the sexual assaults, 64.4 percent of the robberies, 41.3 percent of the aggravated assaults.

    • joe

      So basically if you had 100 people in a room and 17 of them were black, 57% of the them would be killed by those 17 people in the room.

      Stats don’t lie.

  • Takck

    Race has nothing to do with this…… like it was said before put a bullet in him and let him fertilize the rice fields in Arkansas.

  • Rick Long

    Stats are meaningless. It is like saying someone drowned in a pond that had an average depth of 2 feet. Anyone, anytime, regardless of race is capable of heinous crimes that defy logic. When you get into everyday violent crime like robbery, assault, battery, etc.. you do see demographics come into play. I don’t think it is inherent in any race, I think it is a failure by parents to instill respect, ethics and morals into their children. It just so happens that a certain demographic has a culture that glorifies misogyny and violence and those children are also pressured into not doing well in school, joining gangs, having children and if they strive for success they are deemed sellouts. If you have a problem with what I just said, don’t be mad at me, change the culture or be doomed to fail.

  • jenny

    Just so you all know . I personally worked with Jonathan at the olivegarden for 3 years. He is absolutely not racist but just like the neighbor said he was exttremely weird and awkward. Unfortunately it doesn’t surprise me cuz he had major anger and communication issues. He always made every girl uncomfortable and I’m so glad the girl got away. it makes me sick that you all have to make everything so racist.

  • whitecowardsaresubhuman

    Typical whites cant deal with the facts that they inherently breed sexual perverse males. Just like the story of the recently closed reform school with55 dead bodies buried on the grounds and the rampant sexual adsaultscocommitted by Caucasian wild hyena staff.

  • whitecowardsaresubhuman

    Freaking auto correct assaults committed by Caucasian male staff. If a poor defenseless child is sexually assaulted look for the white guy. Now watch the racists try to distort THAT stone cold fact. Bring it on Sandusky

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