Informed Sources: State Of The City Address

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(Memphis) Right after the consultant’s report was issued, Mayor A C Wharton gave his state of the city address, revealing an ambitious plan to cut poverty by ten percent over the next decade and even do a better job of fixing potholes.

What do my informed sources think of his "five Ps" proposal?

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  • Thomas H. Evans

    Not much substance to the address or the discussion that took place on the show. Except for David, panel members were attempting to give credit where there was no credit due. Fix “Pot Holes,” isn’t that somebodies job anyway?” It’s obvious they aren’t doing a good job across the city, how does that count as a State of the State plan? Improve poverty 1% a year for the next ten years, is that really the best he can do? We could improve poverty now if all those jobs he promised back when he was running for office had come true. If you want to believe things are going to be better this year or at any time Wharton is in office, then go ahead, but looking at what he has achieved to date, we are in trouble. As for consultants, we bring them in but never listen to any advice or suggestions they offer, why should this be different.

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