Puppies With Severe Chemical Burns Found On Side Of The Road

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(Olive Branch, MS) Missing fur, deep cuts, and bad burns. It sounds awful, but it's reality for a litter of abused puppies found abandoned in DeSoto County.

Four 4-week-old Rottweiler puppies are recovering from injuries so horrendous, so heinous so horrific, we can’t show you some of them on TV.

Veterinary doctors at the Olive Branch Animal Clinic think the puppies are suffering from severe chemical burns and abandonment. Two weeks ago, someone found the pups dumped on Stateline Road.

“I think in a little cardboard box in 30 degree winds and very cold temperatures,” said Dr. Julia Nipper.

Animal shelter workers brought the puppies to the clinic, where they are being treated for infections and open wounds. One puppy’s ear is pretty much gone.

“I don’t see how people can do that to such sweet little animals, they can't defend themselves. It's hard to see a puppy like that, being in so much pain,” said Nipper.

Grace Rescue in Holly Springs posted the puppies on Facebook and already dozens of people are trying to take them home and help with the medical care.

It’s going to cost thousands to get these little guys healthy.

“We wanted to save them and make sure they got good homes, so they wouldn’t have to go through that torture again, being stuck on side of the road in freezing animals with that much infection and pain."

Dr. Nipper stresses that if you can’t take of your animals, do not dump them somewhere, take them to a shelter.


  • upaces88

    This happened in Dallas, TX a very long time ago. The kids who did it were sent to prison.
    This is watched very carefully. Why? Serial Killers start out their careers torturing dogs and cats.

    • upaces88

      Kayla, people who really love dogs and they do since they are taking care of them….call them. They may put the baby on a plane and send to you.
      You’d be surprised how many people are willing to go the extra mile for those poor little fur babies.

  • Lorraine

    People that abuse animals are mentally ill; they need help. They abuse poor, defenseless animal because they are weak minded and the animal cannot/will not fight back. If they abused a human being they would get their butt kicked. Their day will come! When they are caught, they should have done to them whatever they did to the poor animals.

  • not sure

    This sounds like a case for eye for an eye tooth for tooth. if and when they catch these POS that they are chemically burned, tortured then maybe that would be justice served because jail is to good for him, her or them. It makes me sick to my stomach to hear a person that could do this to defenseless little babies. I am a person who is a believer of Karma and believe what comes around goes around and usually worse.

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