East High’s ‘Dirty Secret’ Gets National Attention

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(Memphis) Three days after trying to stop WREG crews from asking about sex and drug paraphernalia at East High, the person paid by Shelby County schools to be the voice of the district to keep you informed is finally doing that.

"You’ve pointed this out for two days, so we've been looking into it,” Chief Communications officer Emily Yellin said.

But Yellin is not saying what they are finding or where they're looking.

Reporter: "Has some actually been down in the basement?

Yellin: “We've been looking into it.”

Reporter: “But has someone actually gone down there?”

Yellin: “It’s ongoing and it really wouldn't be responsible of me to comment too much.”

The lack of response by the district became the focus of Ben Ferguson's syndicated talk show on Thursday.

He played WREG’s investigation into evidence showing signs of sex and drug paraphernalia in the East High basement and the districts response to it.

"Look at how the administration of the now Shelby County Schools react to these allegations. They go into defense mode. They don't do anything to condemn it. They don't say they are shocked. Don't say they are going to launch an investigation. They don’t say anything to make you think they will protect your kids,” Ferguson said on his show.

Friday the district would only repeat the same line over and over to WREG and ignored any reference to what two people say is going on in the basement.

"We are looking into it,” she said. “We want to be really careful about this because people lives are involved but we are looking into it."


  • Cole

    If peoples lives are important – then the district should sut East down – until there problem is resolved.

  • Cole

    I meant shut down the the facility. How can learning go on in a place like that. Yet, we have an attorney superintendent – not an educator.
    Shelby County sheriffs department needs to shut it down…..

    • Don

      Yet, we have an attorney superintendent.
      Well, you have a attorney mayor in Memphis,
      and his track record don’t look too good either.
      These are Memphis students in this school and
      the mayor is responsible for this mess also. Along
      with the city council, and the parents of the students

  • Overtaxed

    This was a once, proud institution that regularly competed with even the private schools with strong academics. Sadly, those days are long gone.

  • Skeptic

    So all the issues that have come out about rapes, beat downs, and other criminal issues about East High are coming true.

  • MikeBarret

    I blame rap music and the sweet mary jane. These upstanding kids wouldn’t be f–kin’ in da basement without that amazing herb. BRB I got to go hit the bowl here in the Collierville you can smell it from here..

  • Hard Truths

    NO BEER CANS ???

    I believe there has been partying down there since 1948. It’s not a scandal, it’s a tradition.

  • Thomas H. Evans

    Emily and the whole administration should be fired. Why on earth would a person running a school that has been in the news for rapes and other violent situations be out and about in the school hallways and basements at some point during each day? If this doesn’t give you an idea of how poorly our schools are being run in Memphis, then nothing will. This is a disgrace. Please stop bringing Willie Herenton’s name up every time something happens in this city. Nothing like this happened when he was superintendent of schools, so can you please talk about “current” events.

  • Nonya Bidness

    And they think that the suburban cities are racist for NOT wanting the new SCS (the old MCS) running their schools.

  • Lindah

    No one got raped at East. The girl lied and the boy let go. That’s why you’ve heard nothing else about it…

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