Neighbors Say Planned Parenthood’s Billboard Goes Too Far

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(Memphis) A Planned Parenthood billboard has only been up a week in one South Memphis neighborhood, but some people there already want it to come down.

They say the billboard, which includes the message "Getting It On Is Free" and a picture of a condom, is too graphic.

"I was shocked. I was appalled that anyone would put up a picture of condom," said Karen Wallace.

Karen Wallace works at a church nearby and has to drive by the billboard every day.

She said what is worse it's right next to an elementary school cross walk.

"The graphic was not necessary the message was enough," said Wallace.

A dad who saw the sign for the first time Thursday agreed and said it's not something he wants his children to see.

"No! It ain't nothing to send out to my kids," said Rickey Munn.

The billboard is one of 12 Planned Parenthood has put in the county to prevent HIV and STD's.

The billboards direct people to

Planned Parenthood said it wanted its billboards to be edgy so people would remember them.

"A condom is not an explicit image it's just a piece of latex and children see explicit images all the time on the internet, in commercials and in the movies. We are trying to promote healthy relationships and save lives," said Ashley Coffield, CEO of Planned Parenthood Memphis.

Planned Parenthood put the website on two dozen city buses last year and since then has given away 110,000 free condoms.

It plans to put some more billboards in the spring.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  g


  • pam

    I see nothing wrong with the sign. Cable, regular TV have more about that than what that bill board. Children and grown ups need to know.

  • God is able

    I pray that God will guide the children of Memphis through his son Jesus because a condom does not protect you from stds and unwanted pregnancies only God can!

      • Richard

        Hello Jeff,
        the only way to protect the world from spreading STD if not using condoms, but by keeping with one partner in bed. Why do you think that since the condom has become common, the percentage of people getting infected has become larger and larger? Again, the only way of getting control over STDs, is for everyone to stay with one bedpartner. But, I guess people are too lazy to realize this, or listening too much to their private parts, instead of their own minds.

  • Jake Pelloth

    It is unbelievable how people get away with child abuse of this nature. To say that it’s wrong to teach children about contraception or even going a step further to say that condoms will not prevent stds and that only a higher deity can protect you from this is nothing less than child abuse of the cruelest kind. I agree that abstinence works, and very well. But so do condoms! There should be these billboards everywhere as the parents and clergy of the Memphis area won’t properly educate all the children. The billboards give a fighting chance.

    Sincerely Disgusted in Memphis, Jake P.

    • GetRight

      Child abuse? I can’t even read the rest of your post, dude. Do you live under a rock or something? These kids have been exposed to much worse garbage on television and in school. School shootings are happening everywhere and you’re worried about a picture of a condom on a billboard. Get your mind right and stop trying to please your political party/church. Please God instead if that’s your prerogative. I can tell you he has nothing to do with your politics or your church.

  • Joe

    Apparently, an image of a device for torturing and killing someone by asphyxiation is wholesome, but anything connected in any way to sex is sinful. Go figure.

  • MinxComix

    I appreciate that puns are effective in advertising, but if “getting it on” was free, there would be no need for condoms. It is because we pay a high price for “getting it on” in the form of STDs that the condoms are being pushed. But this isn’t just promoting the use of condoms, the pun is also promoting the activity. More activity increases the chances of pregnancy as only abstinence is truly effective in the choice to not become pregnant. More pregnancies among couples who do not want a pregnancy equals more abortion, which is the big money maker for Planned Parenthood. So this is a good piece of business inducing advertising on their part. Give something away free to increase business in the big money maker for them.

  • newsdiscussion.

    The problem is, at home, people can control what their children sees and does, Plastering this on a bill board at an elementary school means that parents have to have explain things to them before their children are emotionally ready for that talk. IT is not just a piece of latex in the same category as balloons or gloves. It is used for sexual acts and it is not correct to have this so close to a school of young kids.

  • Lawrence Blanchie

    Oh yeah. Viagra ads every five minutes on morning tv is fine but a picture of a condom on a billboard is completely over the top.

  • Marvin Gaye

    The issue is that as a parent, I, the parent controls what my child is exposed to, not Planned Parenthood. Simply because PP does not like the results they are seeing in society does not give them the right to expose my child to something I will be teaching them about when the time is appropriate. As for the argument, “they see it online or on TV” that is also something I control, as any responsible parent does. PP is simply normalizing adult behaviors to children.

    Perhaps the billboard should read, “If you used FREE condoms you wouldn’t have so many different baby daddies.” This is no less degrading than using a popular Motown song for a condom ad in a Motown demographic of South Memphis.

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