Latino Memphis Helps Latinos Navigate Life In Memphis

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(Memphis) The office of Latino Memphis is often full of Latinos looking for help.

Latino Memphis helps clients with things as simple as translating documents from a child's school to more serious issues like immigration in the legal aid department.

The center offers four programs to help Hispanics become full participants in the community.

The center, is the first stop for basic information.

There is help with health and eduction and help with understanding how police work and a mentoring program.

A job with Northwest Airlines brought Alvis Otero to Memphis 13 years ago.

Otero owns a house and raised her children here.

She's proud of the city she now calls home, "Memphis is a powerful city and i am just pleased and happy that I've been here people have embraced me here and that I'm a part of it."

It's that same acceptance Alvis wants for other Hispanics in Memphis.

She recognizes educating younger Hispanics is the key, "That individual can impact his or her family and that family can impact the community in a magnificent way."

The Hispanic community is growing rapidly in Memphis.

Last year,  Latino Memphis served 2500 clients.

Alves says these families come here looking for opportunities to work and to make life better for themselves.

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