Local Response To President Obama’s State of The Union

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Some say the President's speech divided the House Chamber last night and the ripple effect is being felt on the local level.

Kemp Conrad is the former Chair of the Shelby County Republican Party.

He's here with local Democratic Party Chair Bryan Carson.








  • Don

    Channel 3, you posted negative comments by Republicans and only one positive comment by one democratic.

    I feel sorry for Mr. Cohen, he hasn’t found that if his president asks him a question, there is a good chance the answer is a lie! Poor guy.

  • Bill

    There is no doubt that the President is a great talker and speech maker but in my opinion he is the most devisive President in modern times. Rather than deal directly with the most important social & economic issues today for all of us, he seems to continually try to divert our attention by pitting the evil rich against the poor in almost every issue.
    It’s been a fact throughout my lifetime that there will always be the poor, there will always be levels of middle-class, and there will always be the so-called rich. I don’t consider any of us to be evil. That’s our society! What is there for any of us if we don’t dream, learn and work hard to continually try to better our position in life…and yes, to make it to that rich category?

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