High School Teacher Quits After Nude Photo Scandal

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(Memphis) One Kipp Collegiate High School student is sorry to see her teacher go.

We're told the young woman quit after a student found nude photos of the teacher and sent them to himself, his friends, and even some parents.

“She left her phone on charger, she left out the room, he got the phone and went through the phone,” said parent Nina Handy. “She was a great teacher and I hate this for her because this was her first year teaching”

School officials said it was a parent who eventually came to the office and told administrators about the photo, which other parents tell us was spreading through the school like wildfire.

Kipp Collegiate’s executive director Jamal McCall said he put the teacher on administrative leave, but she resigned the next day.

The school stopped there, not calling police to say minors had nude photos and not trying to somehow stop the photos from flying through the school.

“To me, the child, something should happen to him,” said parent Erica Cooper.

“That's parenting that's the way the kids are being raised these days."

Every parent and student we spoke to stood by the teacher, saying she was a victim, even if she abandoned her phone knowing the private pics were on there.

“She was one of my favorite teachers” said one student. “I could relate to her because she was young.”


    • Sassylady

      In defense as a parent there the school maybe in the hood but is not a hood school… The school is great but sad to say that they have started allowing a lot of things to slip through the cracks but it is really a good school

    • jenwestrich

      Yes, something should happen to the boy whom stole the pics. ! He is at fault, those pics. Where in her private phone. Bad boy! Must be an attention seeker!

  • MikeBarret

    I know a teacher who left the class room and one of her students picked up her phone, jammed it down his pants and took a picture of his junk for her to find later. Principal did nothing except tell her to delete the pic.

  • Cordia Hunter

    My heart goes out to the teacher. She has all the right in the world to take pictures of herself in any way she see fit. That is her own private property no one has the right to invade her private space. The child should be taken care of he has broken so many laws with this one crime. I PRAY the child understands that he has ruined this young lady’s life

  • Sassylady

    I am a KIPP parent and this situation happened right after Christmas break sad it just made the news… Anyway she was a GREAT teacher indeed very young but GREAT. The young man was so very wrong and should have been EXPELLED instead of being withdrawn… Sadly its a good thing that he is gone because him and his sister were bringing tooo much drama into the school… Mom wasn’t involved at all so now maybe this is an eye opener for her as well

    • Devin

      Mom wasn’t involved….What about the children’s father? How many children attend this ” good “: school with no involvement from the fathers….? Bad parenting is rampant in Memphis and you and I know it. Does your children’s father get involved?

  • ShelbyCountyTeacher901

    Kipp Collegiate High School administration is the worse in Tennessee. They cover up so many incidents to make there school look good. They have loss so many recruited teachers , it is sad. The kids know the real story. When you have 3 different teachers for one class before the Christmas break, that should be a sign.


    Students: 80 percent want to be at this charter school, 20 percent kick out of all other schools and just there to play school

    Administration: A JOKE

  • Terrie

    Really? An eye opener for the Mom?? You are a silly minded person. The “Mom” hasn’t had her eyes opened since she birthed these brats. They BOTH should be expelled. They are trouble makering thugs, plain & simple. YOU, being a parent shouldve insisted the boy be expelled. Grow some already!

    • Sassylady

      First of all you don’t now what “US” as parents have done within the school and most of us didn’t know he was gone until days after so shut the hell up

  • SemanticSam

    Evette, one should say it is the worst, not worse. Worst relates directly to comparing one thing as inferior to many other things that are less inferior whereas worse is used in a comparative context when referencing two things to each other. I assure you there are more than two schools in this city, let alone the state. In this case she should have said that KIPP is the worst school in the state. If you want to use such attack laden language as “maggot”, understand your own language. Also anymore than one comma in a row is excessive and incorrect.

    • JustMe

      Does no good whatsoever to lock a phone. I can get into any phone in about 5 seconds, locked or not if I have physical possession of it.

  • Teacher101

    Bad mistake Should have had her phone locked. The kids should have stopped the student from invading her privacy. The child should be prosecuted. Not sure what law would cover it. If no criminal law covers this area, she should sue the family. Take everything he would ever have in life.

  • MikeBarret

    Hard enough to get anyone to want to be a teacher especially around here. Now some thug n….let has RUINED enthusiastic young teacher’s career in local schools. She will move to a better city where she gets paid more and doesn’t have dumb thug fu..ers trying to ”Get Krunk” all in the class. Sad. Wake up Memphis.

  • Lewis

    I am so sick of he rotten, worthless, feral, undisciplined punks and punkedttes that I see every day I shouldn’t even begin t dump on the non-person slime kid. I will say his parents have noting to be proud of, and most probably aren’t parents at all, just breeders. As far as “naked” photos unsettling the “children” and their sensibilities…. in the age of the internet? That’s a joke, right? Put a full frontal of me up on the net and I’ll secretly enjoy the notoriety, but openly sue may way through my way through anybody involved. They’ lucky this poor teacher is a typical, easily shamed and shunned lady…. I some babes that would take you farts down. And I mean DOWN, punks, down.

  • Joe Bo

    The real issue here is should pornography be allowed in our schools in any medium, including both digital and print. What if the teacher had naked still pixs of herself in her classroom drawer, and they somehow got circulated. Who what assume this lack of judgment. I think they are both at fault, the student and the teacher.

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